App batch wars at GMTBS

By Angel Espiritu

App batches were reunited for the Grand Mems’ Team Building Session (GMTBS) on the 8th of August, 2011. Prepared by the Membership Committee, the day was filled with water fun and games as app batches competed against each other. Held at the Balara Water Park where the event was also held last year, the members, as well as the applicants, enjoyed a day of fun-filled games and activities.

Unlike in the previous semesters wherein the members were randomly divided into teams, this semester’s grouping rekindled old app batch memories. The members were divided into four teams: Truly Golden (Truly and Golden batches together), Livewire, Overdrive, and the Prints (Blueprint and Imprint batches together). The Power Up applicants were divided among the four teams.

The event started outside the Ecosoc tambayan with the flag-making of the different teams, and a cheer dance competition as the teams arrived at the venue. It was shortly followed by various water games—Pinoy Henyo, the Snake Game, and Agawan Base.

After lunch, the members gathered as a one big team for the Spider-web Challenge. This showed us that no matter which app batch we belong to, at the end of the day, we are all part of a one big organization that ultimately binds us all together.

Photo by Reuel Realin


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