Ecosocers tour Raya School, Adarna House

By Sarah Ampil

As part of the liaison committee’s series of company tours, nine members and applicants visited the Raya School, as well as the Adarna Publishing House right beside it, last August 8, 2011.

As part of the program, they were first settled in a small colorful room of the Raya School where the members and applicants met former Ecosoc President, Ani Almario, the current Product Development Manager of the Publishing house, which is owned by her parents.

Ms. Almario’s love for writing and children made her pursue Education courses and later, with the help of her parents, founded the Raya School. It is a progressive school instilling the value of nationalism in all of its students. It also serves as the “laboratory school” of Adarna House Publishing, making the students its books’ first-hand readers and critics. Indeed, this school is one of a kind.

After all the stories and the short interview, the Ecosocers were treated to their own private tour inside the school. Although classes were already over, there were still some kids left and they were able to watch them play and go about.

The Raya School still continues to grow and pretty soon it may be all over the country.

This was the last leg of Liaison’s series of company tours entitled Rogue Economist, which explores Econ graduates in unconventional professions.

Photo by Kenneth Reyes


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