Committee News (August 2011) — Part 1

Committee News — Part 1
August 2011

Paolo Tamase
Ad Hoc Committee Chairperson

Over beers and books, gossip has shifted from flings to the Ecosoc elections. While I do look forward to a more relaxed semester, I cannot help but be concerned about Ecosoc’s next top leaders. So, to my prospective successors:

Before you finalize plans, know what you’re getting yourself into. Enjoy Induction Ball, because you’re in for a year of sacrifices, challenges, and heartbreaks.

If you used to get wasted during Vice Night or cheat during exams (not that I ever), buckle up for a lifestyle change; you’re President now, and as head boy/girl/gurl, you’re held to higher standards. Your weekends will be spent attending every event, from Saturday CDC’s to Musikapella, as well as JPES/CES meetings, which are held on Sundays. And about meetings, you’re likely to have at least one everyday.

The obvious challenge is wearing four hats—one each as the Chairperson of the Executive, Ad Hoc, and Scholarship Committees, and the last (and heaviest) as President. You’ll have to balance your committee chairmanships with the needs of a larger Society. Because you are President, when a committee head falls short, the buck stops with you—from a disgruntled customer to an angry sponsor. When others push Ecosoc around, you will have to defend your org at all costs.

And the heartaches? Against your will, you must discipline your members and officers, including your closest friends. Your personal achievements will never be recognized. More than failed events, the most painful heartbreaks will be caused by hurtful words, or the stubbornness of people you thought were friends; keep your real ones close.

Yet despite the above, your year as the President of UP’s best organization will be incredible. As Execom chair, you will get to work with leaders; as Ad Hoc chair, with the best people your org has to offer. You will be deeply involved in shaping the lives of Ecosoc’s scholars. You will see applicants grow to be good people. Being President will allow you to enact changes that will make Ecosoc even better.

If you’re running just for personal pride, don’t, not only for Ecosoc’s sake, but also for your own. But if Ecosoc is the reason you’re signing up for this fatal roller-coaster ride, I only pray for your success. Our work and the honor of leading an org like Ecosoc will be worth the downside. Believe me.

Sel Ortiga
Task Force Committee Chairperson

Hello Ecosoc! We’ve officially arrived at the midpoint mark of the semester and we only have around 10 weeks left before we go on sembreak! WOOHOO! As much as I want this sem and the bundle of stress that comes with it to end, I kind of don’t, too. But while we aren’t quite near the end yet, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the team that helps live the cause of ECOSOC!


Super galing ninyong lahat! Congratulations with our first ever event! I hope that we’ll get to work better and have more fun along the way. Thank you so much for participating in meetings kahit sobrang wild ng mga games minsan! HAHA I’m looking forward to working with each and every one of you more and more as October 2 comes closer and closer! GO TASK FORCE! :)

But as we all focus on October 2 getting nearer and nearer, we shouldn’t forget our scholars, right? That’s why we’re going to have our 2nd ever but so much better GUARDIAN SCHOLAR DAY! YAY! Watch out for this because it’ll be a way for us to get to know our scholars and their guardians more!

Lastly, before I end everything, I’m sure you’ve all been seeing teasers for Musikapella as well as September because after all, they are happening soon. BUT! I’d just like to thank KENNETH REYES for such an awesome awesome finale to Musikapella’s serial. Story, cinematography, directing, and of course acting was all on him. GALING! Yay! And of course thank you to those who were a part of it since last year and during the finale: Kevin, Simone, Patty, A, and Jason! Thank you! :)

Oh yeah! Also! Please support other Task Force fundraisers, keeping in mind that all we do are for the scholars and all service-oriented events! Please continue to support and share the TF MERCHANDISE PAGE and please help sell all the merchandise that we have to offer for you! :)

That’s it! Keep October 2 open, everyone! Hope to see you in Musikapella 2011. :)

P.S. Frawesome! Awwww. :( HAHA But thank you so much for all the support so far, you guys are really, really awesome. Not kidding! :)

Andres “Cocoy” Licaros III
Secretariat Committee Chairperson

Whaddup Ecosoc?! For the first time in a long time, I honestly don’t know what to say for this batch of commnews. Deadline after deadline has been coming up and all this hoopla about this sem and how it’s going to be the best you have ever seen, that I’ve hardly had any time to catch my breath and take a look and appreciate how it’s shaping up. The sheer awesomeness of this semester has left me commnews-less. Since wala na akong masulat, let’s go with…

MEMBER ROLLCALL! Hello to my beloved members: Geoff (who is the greatest honorary member ever), Thea (hindi gumana yung ENTM scheme natin but oh well!), Janine (Speaking of ENTM, whaddup beauty and brains?! haha), Lia (I have no brain damage. I thinks :D), Myra (i-app buddy mo na si MJ para tumambay haha), Denise (future librarian!), Henry (solid ng mga hula sa’tin HAHA), Tong (speaking once more of ENTM: you know what it is! XD), Shelly (best PE ever! haha), Van (who will be winning Grand Trad for us HAHA) and Irra! (thank you for being active kahit ‘di na kita nakikita sa tambs gaano haha). Keep up the great work!

Kudos as well to my crazy awesome apps: MJ, Carlo, Monina, Bruno, Red, Brian, and James! Good luck sa midsem! FIGHT FIGHT! And to my interns Issa, Sam, Jean, and Ariane, I look forward to working with you guys on the gallery! :D

And finally, my ever-so-important vice chairs Bing and Yasmin! I have both of you to thank for still being sane this semester and I hope you guys keep up the energy until we’re done. Konti na lang guys! Fight na natin ‘to! Haha

To Frawesome, I’m sorry I missed out on you guys last commnews haha! Here’s to an epic last sem! I love all of you!

To the whole of Ecosoc, join Spartan Club, look out for the Crazy-Ass Gallery this September and buy our merchandise when it comes out probably in September, if not earlier.


P.S.: Do we have an awesome cover for this issue? OR DO WE HAVE AN AWESOME COVER FOR THIS ISSUE? Congrats, Yasmin! HAHA galing talaga ng Seccom! :D

Gilbert Bueno
Finance Committee Chairperson

Dahil Buwan ng Wika ngayon, aking isusulat ang aking balitang pangkomite sa wikang Tagalog (at ako’y nakasisiguro na ito’y hindi mauunawaan ng ating EIC haha). Una sa lahat, nais kong lubos na magpasalamat sa mga sumuporta at nanood ng Harry Potter at Transformers kasama ang Ecosoc. Sa tulong niyo, nagawa ng aming komite na kumita ng halagang P34,065. Sa kasalukuyan, ang dalawang ito ang huling malaking proyekto ng Finance, ngunit kami pa ri’y nag-iisip ng iba pang paraan upang kumita ng pera para sa ating organisasyon. Habang wala pa kaming naiisip na iba, patuloy pa rin ang aming pagtitinda ng mga produktong sa amin ay ibingay ng mga isponsors.

Ngayon naman ay nais kong pasalamatan ang mga miyembro ng aking komite sa pagtulong nilang gawing matagumpay ang dalawang iskrining namin. Alam kong sa kadahilanang wala na tayong malaking proyekto ay di na tayo masyadong nagpapakita, ako’y umaaasang kayo’y makita pa rin sa mga maliliit ng proyekto natin tulad ng pagtitinda ng pagkain at iba pa. Nais ko ring pasalamat at parangalan ang mga aplikante ng Finance sa matagumpay nilang food sale noong nakaraang MBA. Ipinagmamalaki ko kayo at nawa’y natutunan niyo kung paano talaga mag-organisa ng isang fundraiser. Nais ko ring pasalamatan ang mga aplikante na mula sa ibang komite ngunit taos-pusong tumutulong sa amin.

Dalawang buwan na lang ang nalalabi bago tuluyang matapos ang aming termino bilang Execom. Frawesome, gawin nating makabuluhan ang nalalabing oras. Mag-bonding pa tayo, pakiusap. (Ano Tagalog ng “bonding”? Haha). Sa inyo na may malaking proyekto pa na darating, kaya niyo ‘yan. Punta lang nang punta (go lang nang go HAHA). Ayun lang, dito na nagtatapos ang aking pangkomiteng paguulat. :)

Photos by Beatriz Bayudan


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