Apps undergo midsem check-up

By Avril Bries

Last August 8-12, 2011, the power apps underwent the Midsem Check-up Interviews.

During the previous week, the apps signed up for the slot that was most convenient for them. The interviews were administered by members of the Execom and the Ecosoc Leadership Council, a body composed of the vice-chairpersons of the Society.

Questions included objective queries such as the history of the Society as well as the names and positions of its major officers. For the subjective part, the applicants were asked how they felt about the theme, about CDC, and about Ecosoc in general.

There was also a fun part where the interviewee had to compose an on-the-spot poem to a member, among other playful tasks. These were included to test their ‘Ecosoc factor,’ or how well they fit into the Society.
The Midsem Check-up is done in the middle of the application process. It is part of the applicants’ final grade.

Photo by Chrissie Cruz


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