Spev closes Tambay Week with frat-themed party

By Lance Lim

After a tiring day of running around U.P., Tambay Week ended with a night of nice and naughty. Brought by the Special Events Committee, Vice Night was an event made to bring members and apps alike closer with one another through the various activities that pretty sure no one remembers as of now.

The Vice Night had a frat party theme, with Spev member Jacques Reyes opening the night dressed in Greek robes. Making prominent appearances were San Miguel, Bacardi, and their alcoholic brothers and sisters, and let’s not forget our friend from the Wild Wild West, Marlboro!

With the night young and the continuous party songs playing, fellow members and apps gathered around and played various drinking games like beer pong, to the dismay of those watching from their seats missing the action. Some of the people showed off their physique bodies and cooled off for the night by jumping in the swimming pool. A couple more shots here and there, and mostly everyone was laughing and having fun, which was the sole purpose of Vice Night, and in a broader sense, Ecosoc.

Personally, one of the things I really remember during that night was that it was my very first time to drink alcohol from a trophy, and I must say that it was truly a great experience!

Most people say that high school will be the best years of your student life, but with what happened that Thursday night, I beg to differ!

Photo by Monina Sanchez


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