The New Kids in Town

The New Kids in Town
Iso, Cel, Pau, and their daunting task: to lead the largest batch of Ecosoc applicants in two years

Once again, we begin a new year. Simply put, this signifies the beginning of a whole new game, with trickier challenges, tougher foes, and greater encounters. For most if not all of us, this means a new set of majors and academic subjects to strive for. As for extra-curricular and organization-related duties, this would mean a new set of tasks to fulfill or new roles and responsibilities to embrace. While it may seem intimidating, rising up to the challenge of this new match signifies a fresh start, a clean slate. We’re back to square one, holding a new set of re-shuffled chances. This then entitles us to become more hopeful. With our past mistakes no longer tugging us behind, we step forward—and once again, we throw our bets to success.

The same perspective is most definitely true for Ecosoc as we welcome our new set of applicants, the Power Apps.

Living up to their name, these applicants have from the very beginning been performing superbly. They continue to impress the current members with their evident zeal and perseverance. Those who witnessed their preparation for the acquaintance party would agree to this: from the food sale to the prodwork, it seems like ‘slack’ is a word unknown to them. Vigorous, hardworking, creative, original, and, admittedly, rich—this app batch definitely stands out. Now the question is: who will lead this great mass of potential forward?

That question was answered on the second of July this year—a few days after their application process began—when the Power Apps of the UP Economics Society, held their elections for their very own set of officers.
Here they are now. Jessica Biscocho

Iso Garrido
By Derek Parreñas

“Simple,” recalls the head of this semester’s batch of applicants regarding his childhood and his early days at kindergarten. “I don’t remember much from that time. I was clumsy and had a particularly large head. I bumped it on things a lot. I cried a lot for the first few days.”

John Rafael “Iso” Garrido, with his serious countenance and playful smile, gathered the trust of his fellow applicants through the multiple applicant assemblies, interactions in the Ecosoc tambayan, and most especially, the highly-praised applicant’s acquaintance party, Summer Hangover.

Some may say that his age is the reason why many of the applicants chose to trust him with the affairs of their application; he is a tad older than the rest of the applicants, being born on the day before the Christmas of 1992 in Tacloban, Leyte. He confessed during the applicants’ orientation that he was not really an active leader during his younger years. “I was nobody in grade school and I was hardly a model student in high school.” Pressed for the reason why that was the case, he answered, “I suppose I didn’t find my environment stimulating? Tamad ako,” Iso casually added with a laugh. “First year wasn’t so bad. Second year was uneventful. I started cutting class in third year. By fourth year, I was notorious for it among my classmates. I was sick of high school by then. I just wasn’t into it.”

Don’t get him wrong though, he was still an active member of the student body, as shown by his membership at InDAK: Indayog ng Atenistang Kabataan, the Ateneo High School’s very own street dance group. But what caused Iso Garrido’s change of heart? What made him want to step up in spite of his previous lack in interest?
He reassures Ecosoc that his perspective has changed. He now claims to possess greater enthusiasm. UP is a totally different environment, he says. “I’m not surrounded solely by adolescent males everyday. That’s one of the most obvious and pleasant differences. The people are diverse. You get to be part of something exploding with culture. And I don’t feel cramped. There’s a great deal more freedom of movement and thought. With regards to leadership, I’ve come across many student achievers in the School of Economics alone. It’s inspiring. And honestly, it makes me want to have some glorious experience of it myself.”

Indeed, he does. He envisions this semester’s batch of applicants to be a well-bonded batch, with everyone becoming a major asset to the organization through their special talents while still having fun. “Tactics,” he ponders. “I don’t know about tactics. I grouped them (the applicants) into four committees and assigned each a committee head. Paolo Anoneuvo’s in charge of finances. Ines Pagdanganan is in charge of publicity. Mark Manguera and Brian Cruz are in charge of programs and logistics respectively. Those four work really well. They’re great assets and good people, too.” Finally, time will tell if this responsible and fun-loving former A-boy of the Ateneo High School will stand the test of being a great applicant head and eventually a great member of the UP Economics Society, but for now, he says, “I hope I pass, first of all. If I do, I don’t want to just take up space. I hope they’ll find some use for me. I’d like to lead again. It’s fun.”

Cel Hilario
By Gelo Atienza

Celina Marie San Jose Hilario, also known as Cel or Celery, is a BS Economic Student from E-1, of which she is also the block head. Celery was born on the 30th of November 1993 to Ginger and Mike Hilario. Her parents sent her to Miriam College for her education from pre-elementary up to high school. As a Knoller, Cel grew up as a natural leader ready to serve her fellow students. She was a consistent class officer during her elementary and high school years. During her senior year, Cel was given the opportunity to serve her fellow schoolmates even better when she became a part of their student council as its fourth year batch representative. On their graduation day, she received an award for exemplifying great generosity and she was also a recipient of the Sister Miriam Thomas Award, a leadership recognition.

Outside school, Cel too lived an active life. Living the values obtained from her Alma Mater, Cel became dynamic in participating in the activities of her community. With her love and care for unfortunate children who cannot afford to go to school, she joined the group Landas ng Karunungan where she served as a tutor who gives them a helping hand in educating the children. As a Catholic, Cel does not forget her duties to her Lord. She is a God-fearing leader and a member of the group Ligayang Panginoon Young Adults, serving God in her own little ways. She carefully plans how her time will be spent on both academic and extracurricular activities. During her free time, she may be found doing Muay Thai, dancing, or even singing. Serving is indeed a passion for her. Even though she may seem very busy with her activities, she never forgets to spend a part of her time hanging out and bonding with her friends. With that said, there is no doubt that Celina is well-equipped and suited for the position of Power Apps Secretary.

Paulo Bautista
By Judith Pascual

Paulo Antonio Bautista, or PauBau, is the Treasurer of the applicants. Born on the twenty-fifth of January 1993, this fresh graudate from the Ateneo de Manila High School has a lot of spirit and determination to offer.

Having ran five times for five different leadership positions (Block Head, Assistant Block Head, App Head, App Secretary, and App Treasurer) seems to have been a laughing matter, but with this, Paulo has shown many of his co-apps and blockmates that being a leader is something one has to work hard for.

In the subject of working hard, Paulo has been doing his job as Treasurer in a very unconventional but efficient way. He took part in every financial endeavor but distributed the work with his committee members. (Special thanks to Paolo Añonuevo!)

The application process has been fun according to him. All the members have been really friendly and he tries to talk to all the other applicants as well. “Ecosoc is really all about fun. I mean sure, we get to do cool stuff, helping and meeting people,” Paulo says with a smile. “But at the end of the day, it’s all about having fun.”

Having fun may just be Paulo’s middle name. In his free time, he plays basketball, although he says he would not be able to play as well as he does now if it were not for his height. He is also taking classical guitar lessons at the UP College of Music. He was also part of a band in high school, serving as their lead guitar just because it was expected of him to do so.

Paulo is a funny and cool guy whose inspiring words are Scientia et Eloquentia, literally meaning knowing what you want to talk about and talking about what you know. “That doesn’t really have anything to do with my life,” he added.

Much is expected from someone as promising as Paulo. Let us watch and see what he can do for the UP Economics Society with eyes that can see through the laughs and smiles and discover him for the awesome guy that he is.

Photos by Chiara Buergo


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