Sailor Moon fearlessly wins Miss Grand Trad

By Pat Aquillo

The Mmembership Committee celebrated girl power as our favorite heroines of all time graced the steps of the auditorium with their humor, jaw-dropping talents, and eye-catching glamor.

Fearless: The 28th Miss Grand Tradition was held in the UPSE Auditorium last September 9, 2011 from 6pm tp 9pm. The event started with the Memcom Chair Enzo Clemente giving a short opening remark, followed by the introduction of the hosts and judges.

The opening act garnered passionate screams from the audience as the candidates fiercely danced to “Run the World (Girls).”

Afterwards, each candidate showed off his character’s magical powers and extraordinary capabilities through the talent portion. Cory Aquino (Van Valdez of Seccom) for example, presented a very heartwarming enactment of her love for her husband and country by dancing along a medley of love songs, which eventually made him win the award for Best in Talent. The Q&A on the other hand provided a venue for the judges to challenge the contestants, and for the heroines to boast of their wit.

Miss Grand Tradition 2010 Ursula (Miguel Andres of Spev) made her comeback as the judges decided over which heroine owned the night. In the end, Cory Aquino bagged the third place, Super B (Darrel Magsambol of Finance) ranked second, while Sailor Moon (Iso Garrido of Spev) brought home the title of Miss Grand Tradition 2011.

Miss Grand Tradition was part of Ecosoc Month 2011, representing the thrust of tradition.

Photo by Marte Caronoñgan


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