A night of magic at apps’ Challenge Night

By Gelo Atienza

On the night of the 16th of September, the Power Apps held their Challenge Night. Entitled MishAPP: Le Grande Cirque, it had a circus-inspired theme and was held at SE 111.

The event started at around 6:30pm with a parade of the apps dressed up as the weirdest freaks of nature. It was immediately followed by a hip-hop dance performance by four of the apps which blew the crowd away. (I heard that Gelo was so awesome. Joke!)

The apps also prepared a magic video to suit the theme of the event. The lead character in the video is David Michael, played by our very own Darrell Magsambol. The first part of it was played before everybody had dinner.

When the program resumed, a song performance was given by Paulo Bautista and Loice Nipa singing “Broken Strings.”

As a fundraising for the event, the apps held a raffle where participants can win a variety of gift certificates and picking the winner was done during the event.

A rap performance of some of the latest songs followed afterwards performed by six of the apps. The second part of the magic video was played and it was time for something special when the apps gave tribute to their respective guardians. The finale of the video was played and all the apps gathered for their community dance to the tune of “Waka Waka.”

The night ended with the giving out of the gift certificates to the winners.

Photo by Marte Caronoñgan


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