Committee News (September 2011) — Part 1

Committee News — Part 1
September 2011

Paolo Tamase
Ad Hoc Committee Chairperson

September is here! We’re exactly in the middle of the month, so it’s a perfect time to explain the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of our Ad Hoc celebrations this year. When we first met to plan Ecosoc’s 53rd anniversary, the following were crystal clear:

1) We would rebrand Ad Hoc as a month-long celebration, and not just a party; 2) September would be packed only with events that would showcase the best of Ecosoc; 3) We would cultivate in our team an unmatched Ecosoc pride, which we would harness to power the organization; and 4) Ad Hoc 2011 would be the standard of future September celebrations.

We knew the task would be difficult. We would need unprecedentedly large sums of money, as well as the best people for our team. Most importantly (and most difficult of all), we would need an organizational paradigm shift, so that all members would embrace the importance and significance of the month’s main events.

This might be premature (with only five of seven events over), but as early as now, I think this September has indeed been Ecosoc Month, and that said, our whole organization deserves credit. Grand Trad and the Gallery are staple Ecosoc Month activities, and I’m glad that both have maintained (or surpassed!) the excellence of their predecessors. Grand Caravan and the National Economics Summit are first-time events that were conceptualized by Faye, Reg, and I over the summer. Their importance can’t be understated, since over and above all other Ecosoc Month events, they embody Ecosoc’s identity as a socio-civic, economics organization. Finally, we culminate Ecosoc month on Sept. 23 with RENEGADE, which would be free for all active members, if only to drive the point that September is about Ecosoc and the people who make it.

None of these successes (and future successes) would be possible without the hard work of the Ad Hoc team (one of the best—if not the best—teams I’ve worked with); the organizing committees of CDC, Externals, Memcom, Seccom, Sports (who organized Run for 53), and Task Force (who co-funded the Caravan); the support of our sponsors; and the enthusiasm our members who, I am proud to say, have embraced the idea that Ecosoc can celebrate September in a more meaningful and enjoyable manner.

See you on RENEGADE and happy Ecosoc Month!

Sel Ortiga
Task Force Committee Chairperson

Hello Ecosoc!

I think I say this in every one of my commnews, but oh my goodness why is time going by so fast! Can you imagine, it’s already SEPTEMBER!

But I hope you all don’t forget another SUPER DUPER event AFTER SUPER September (Keep up the good work, Ad Hoc! :D) ends. Just two days after, Task Force will be bringing you another grand event, all for the scholars!

MUSIKAPELLA 2011: Awitin Mo, Isasayaw Ko!
2 October 2011, 5PM-9PM, UP Diliman Theater

I have to mention it here, because it’ll all be over by the time I’d need to write my next commnews! On behalf of the entire Task Force Committee and our four scholars, I’d really, really appreciate if most, if not all, of you came to this wonderful event! :) Help us out if you can by volunteering! :)

Shout out the kick-ass team behind this SUPER event! TASK FORCE 11! :) First to the TF Interns: Aris, Brian, Byran, Briana, Paolo, Monina, Nikki, Gelo (GO LARA CROFT!), Mark, Cam, and Donelle! You’re all doing a superb job! Keep it up! :D Logistics! Wildness is coming and I’m sure you’ll all be awesome! Marketing! ANG GALING GALING NAMAN NG MARKETING! Just look at the poster and be proud of yourselves. :) ER! Your job is NOT easy. I’m stunned by each and every one of you. Sales! Go quota! HAHA I’m sure you’ll all do a good job! Keep up the good work! And Pub! Campus Tour!!! You’re all so great and I’m amazed by all of you! Don’t think I forgot the one person I can’t lead this team without, Dhiren!! Thank you thank you thank you for always just being there! Everyone! Countdown from when this issue gets printed: THREE MORE WEEKS! Wooow.

Of course, Frawesome! Hellooooooooo most of you are doooone! Luckybitches. Hahaha just kidding. Thank you for keeping me sane, love you all to bits and pieces. One month left! :) :(

This is it, my second to the last commnews! Remember the date, save it, then go to UP Theater, around 5PM when that date comes. 10.02.11! See you there!

P.S. Like my picture? :D

Andres “Cocoy” Licaros III
Secretariat Committee Chairperson

CO-CO-CO-COMMNEWS! Second to the last commnews na pala ‘to! I don’t know if any of you have noticed but I’ve been having the time of my life this past week. Maybe that’s why things seem to be going so fast? In the past week alone I’ve been pushed to limits I’ve never even bothered myself enough to measure before. I’ve stayed in Econ until 12am finishing the most epic gallery my committee and I were capable of making and still had to touch-up the following day. We’ve had to practice the (best) talent portion (ever), make two (AMAZING) dresses and train Van Valdez for Grand Trad in a span of two measly days but still managed to place and win best (goddamn) talent. All this while finding time to study for exams (or failing to do so in my case) and prepare for the ever-competitive cheer dance competition. All this in a single week! Makes “hell” inadequate in trying to describe it—or maybe that’s just me and my limited perspective of hardship.

If there’s one thing I discovered during my entire time as Execom, it’s probably my stress threshold or how long I can remain functional without food or sleep. They weren’t kidding when they said that being Execom was hard because it is, but you all know this story already. I know because I saw all of you right there with me. You’ve heard me complain and cuss and say “I hate prodwork” but know that I never meant it. We all trained for cheer dance, prepared for Grand Trad as best we could and some of you even helped out with the gallery.

Or at least I hope you did, because for all of this I am thankful. Not only to my committee members: Geoff, Thea, Janine, Lia, Myra, Denise, Henry, Tong, Shelly, Van, Irra, and Sol for being so supportive; my applicants: Carlo, Monina, Bruno, Red, James, Brian, and yes, even MJ, for being bibbo; or my epic vice chairs, Bing and Yasmin, for keeping me sane; but to all of Ecosoc for giving me this one epic semester.

One sem, met with so much energy you can taste it. And the best part? We’re not even done yet. So until we are,


Gilbert Bueno
Finance Committee Chairperson

Let me start my second to the last commnews with, TODO NA ‘TO! GO GO GO! Congrats Darrell Magsambol for placing first runner-up in this year’s Grand Tradition! I am super proud of you! As in, WOAH! Thank you very much for representing our committee, and you did a great job doing such. “Tyra, kasi maraming pera, ‘di ba, BANKS?” Haha! Bentaaaa! To know more wisdom quotes, please like MAGSAMBOL’S WISDOM QUOTES on Facebook! :)

Anyway, we’re down to our last few weeks as Execom, and I, as the Finance Chair. I would like to thank those Fin members who have been very active all through out this semester. I hope your performance won’t decline until October. And to those members I haven’t really seen much around, you still have few weeks to prove yourselves. Haha! :) Finance! We still have few more minor fundraisers left and I won’t be able to make these work on my own, so I really would appreciate it if you show up na. Haha! We still have Penshoppe Sale and food sales. Go lang nang go sa pag-help! Haha! And to my Finance applicants, you all are very important part of our committee and this organization. I’m very proud of you. I can always rely on you and you never disappointed me. Keep up the great work, guys! :)

Frawesome! Onti na laaaaaang! Haha! More bondings, please! Haha!

Wala na akong masabi. Haha! Basta, ang galing galing ni Darrell Magsambol! Haha! Go FINANCE! :) 

Photos provided by the Execom


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