Committee News (September 2011) — Part 2

Committee News — Part 2
September 2011

Regina Reinoso
Public Relations Officer
External Affairs Committee Chairperson

Second to the last commnews! I’ll keep this short. :)

Thank you to those who attended the first CDC elective yesterday! Remember, two counts for one session so good job! Next will be on September 19, Monday.

And finally…

We’ve exemplified service in the Grand Caravan and tradition during Grand Trad. Now, in Ecosoc’s 53rd year, it’s time to create a new standard of excellence.

The External Affairs Committee presents


16 Organizations.
1 Issue.

September 17, 2011 || 8am-3pm || Engineering Theater

Members and applicants may attend.

Chila, Ars, Hannah, Dhiren, Leus, Chiara, Cheenie, Kiele, Quek, Lars, Miko, Kevin, Peter, Cheska, Jogan, Ines, Stef, Cel, Mabel, Rino, Vincent, Pau B., Cel C., Loice and Jed – THIS IS IT. Thank you for everything!
Go Ecosoc!

Reuel Realin
Academic Affairs Committee Chairperson

Barely two months left before the end of this semester. At this point, professors start to give out the midterm standing and students dream of the sembreak, but for us Ecosocers, September is more than just that. September is Ecosoc Month!

Let’s backtrack a little to the last week of August. I would like to thank everyone who made the 8th National Youth Congress a success! To my co-convenor, Irene, thank you for being a reliable and hardworking partner. I can’t believe how fast time passed since we had our first official meeting last May! To the directors; Nads, Horace, Mark, Jerome, Neil, Issa, and Trish, you guys were great as directors of NYC this year. I hope that you enjoyed (albeit the stress) organizing the congress as much as I did. Thanks for devoting your time and effort in this project. To the volunteers and staff, know how much I appreciated everything that each of you did to make this NYC possible. I’m so proud to have led such a team in organizing this year’s congress.

GO Mu-LANCE for representing Acad in this year’s Grand Tradition. Although we weren’t able to take home the crown, we are proud with what you have done in this year’s pageant. You might not have the crown, but you brought us honor by being our Grand Trad-er!

To my beloved committee, ACAAD! I’m really grateful for each and every one of you. One event to go, Alay sa Personnel, and we’re done na. :( I’ll be saving the tears and words later, bawal pa maging senti. :)

FRAWESSSSOOOOMEEEE! It’s been almost a year. Malapit na matapos ang wildz rollercoaster ride natin together. One last month! Valley Golf na soon! :D

Ecosoc has really transformed through the years. Even the pioneers of the National Youth Congress and CDC never imagined that their ideas would be sustainable and become the events that they are now. We have yet to learn a lot about Ecosoc; the Ecosoc History that we learn as applicants is but a small part of a way bigger picture.

Remember September because we gave it meaning.

Felichie “Faye” Ferrer
Community Development Committee Chairperson

This month just keeps getting better and better, don’t you think? :)

For this month, we had the first-ever GRAND CARAVAN! :D

But before we came up with such an event, you wouldn’t believe what we had to go through—it wasn’t grand at all! Getting other sources of money and getting sponsors were not easy tasks! The talents we were contacting were also expensive, even those for logistic purposes. Even ideas for the floor and stage design were not coming to us. We were fortunate to have a lot of partner organizations, but some institutions were declining our invitation. In addition, there were other CDC’s we needed to fix and so we had a hard time balancing everything. It was CRAAAAAAAZY! Personally, there were points where I thought it just wouldn’t work.

But then… I remembered we’re not alone in this committee. We had a greater head in creating this event. After just lifting everything up to Him, everything was clearer. We were given U! Happy Events as our partner, two institutions confirmed, book companies donated generously, sponsors started contacting us, orgs were so willing to meet up and talk with us regarding the event, and the team was just all hyped up once again! :D From the launch we did online up to doing prodwork even in the morning of the event itself, everyone was just helping each other :) It was such a joy seeing my committee work together, doing things they thought they couldn’t do! (I’m so proud of you guys!) And it’s even more heart-warming seeing our org, coming from different committees, helping and supporting each other :D That’s the Ecosoc I know!

The Grand Caravan journey was just… overwhelming! It was just an idea before and now we’ve made it a remarkable experience. Ecosoc was also just an idea before but look at where we are now :) It wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for the different individuals and groups that believed in the cause. We may be from different backgrounds and do different things, but we surely did see that we are all just part of ONE BIG STORY :)

Kenneth Reyes
Echoes Editor-in-Chief

This month, Echoes takes a peek into the Society’s rich fifty-three-year history and uncovers the people—the legends—who are responsible for five of our longest-running and most prestigious facets: the National Youth Congress, the modern Ad Hoc Committee, the Grand Tradition, the Community Development Committee, and finally, the U.P. Economics Society itself.

In line with this, the Execom commnews pictures are of the ‘origins’ of the Execommers too. It’s amazing to think that when we were all just toddlers, laughing and crying our cartoon afternoons away, this organization was already in existence, making profound marks on society as our baby selves make incomprehensible marks on our penmanship booklets. Of course, this was because a generation of young men and women were already here, volunteering their skills and passion to make this Society extraordinary.

That is the nature of our relationship with Ecosoc—she is only ours for a fleeting moment before a new batch of younger spirits take their turn with her. So the lesson is this: while she is ours, let’s make the most of her, just as the five alumni did when it was their time with the Society. Let us make our stay here like the celestial stars, whose existence, though brief, consist solely of a great, burning fire.
Elsewhere, two very talented women grace our cover this issue: Anday Pua and Sam Gonzales, both of whom have, through the medium of digital art, fashioned some of the most unique publicity materials in Ecosoc history.

All this would not be possible without my team: Derek, Judith, Chiara, Ralph, Jess, Hazel, Avril, Nadine, Bea, Gelo, Kevin, and Matt. My time with you guys is almost over. I won’t pretend like I’ve been the best commhead around, but with one more release left, I’ll try my best to get you guys to appreciate and love the work of Echoes as much as I do. We are storytellers. Finding the stories may be difficult, but their significance makes the journey worth it.

Special mention to Gelo Atienza: thanks for being our Grand Trad rep! You may well be the only app to beat up both the president and your commhead in one night. Last but not the least, happy birthday Chiara Buergo! I bet you stayed up late again last night!

Photos provided by the Execom


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