Committee News (September 2011) — Part 3

Committee News — Part 3
September 2011

Madelene “Mads” Salazar
Liaison Committee Chairperson

I can’t believe it’s already September! It invites both good and not-so-good emotions haha. First of all, I would like to take time out to say thank you to everyone that attended the series of Company Tours we had this semester. Mr. Chito Barreiro, Ms. Ani Almario, and Mr. Dicky Salazar were all sooo inspiring and I hope you learned a lot from them! :) It’s pretty exciting to see and know what the future holds for us but in any case, Ecosocers are achievers (as seen by the many successful alumni) and I’m sure YOU will follow the trend! In order for us to learn more about them, the Liaison Committee is trying to make a better list of past Execom members! Imagine what it would be like to get to know most of them! EXCITING!! There’s so much to love about Ecosoc and the history is just one of them. I haven’t forgotten to share about more of what I learned when I talked to some of the Pook Ricarte nanay’s so here it goes! It was so touching to hear that their children really find Ecosoc to be part of who they are. They share about the Saturday daycare and how much better they’ve gotten in school because of the tutorials. A grade 6 student’s teacher asked her to explain what Ecosoc was and she answered so simply, stating all the events she attended and sharing about the people she met, but the teacher was so amused! All the kid could say was, “Iba talaga sa Ecosoc!” or something similar to that :) I hope we, its members and applicants, will be proud to say that same thing!!

Hello to Frawesome! Ohemgee, we only have less than a month to go but I love you guys like super pooper and I know we’ll be great friends even after this!

Liai, I am amazed with the amount of dedication most of you have in fulfilling the tasks the committee has to do. From Grand Trad, to the Company Tour, to the database and more, I’m just so proud to be your commhead :) Thank you for allowing me to work with you! I will forever be grateful! <3

Enzo Clemente
Membership Committee Chairperson

To start, i would like to greet Ecosoc a happy birthday! I would like to thank this organization for everything it has done to change my life. Entering college, I never saw myself being in an org like Ecosoc. My decision to join, I can say, is the biggest decision I’ve made so far in college. Ecosoc has given me so much memorable experiences. I’ve met a lot of people because of Ecosoc, people who eventually became my close friends and even more than that. It is because of Ecosoc that I’ve learned that the grades you get aren’t t the only things that matter in college. The relationships you build and the learning experience you get outside of the academic wall matter too, if not, matter more.

A week ago, the grandest of all traditions finally happened, Fearless: Miss Grand Tradition 2011. I would like to congratulate and thank all the committees that supported and worked hard for this event. This event wouldn’t have been successful without you. I would also like to extend my deepest gratitude to the candidates this year, Lance, Pito, Gelo, Mark, Darrell, Aris, Van, Paulo, and Iso, for a job well done. Your passion for this event truly made GT 2011 a memorable experience for Ecosoc. I hope all of you enjoyed the way I did when I was part of it two years ago.

To Memcom, all our hardwork finally paid off last Friday. We did it! I can’t express how happy and lucky I am to have all of you by my side. To the project heads, Cocoy and Pat, thank you for all the hard work you put into in making this event possible. To the Pub team, Angel, Jr, Ray, Car, and Janna, thank you for all the wonderful videos and pubmats you have posted all throughout the season. To the Log A team, Camille and Karla, thanks for making sure that the program went smoothly. To the Log B team, Ria, Jade, and Angelica, thanks for all the prod work and continuous search for lights and sounds to make the Grand Trad as beautiful as it was. To the Sales team, Ryan and Just, thank you for all of your fundraisers, and that very tiring rummage count. And to all my interns, Derek, Nicolle, Reg, JP, and Iso, I wouldn’t have asked for any other interns to help Memcom. I love you guys!

To Frawesome, yes, it is already September, but it’s just September. We have a month left to enjoy the company of each other and do everything we can for this org. I love you!

Jason Tayawa
Special Events Committee Chairperson

Special events—where QUEENS and QUEERS are born! Who said it is not possible? Back-to-back Grand Tradition winners Miguel Andres and Iso Garrido! How did I coerce Iso to represent SPEV? Of course, with the pleasures of life!

Me: paps, willing ka bang mag-grand trad?
Iso: di ko pa alam e. when do you need an answer?
me: by 11:50 tonight :)
Iso: Si Paolo Anonuevo dude. Okay yun.
Me: bro, ikaw talaga
Iso: hindi ako funny e.
Me: gags swabe ka bro
Iso: Kaya ba?
Me: Iba appeal mo. Kaya pre, tiwala
Iso: t*ng*n*. E si Pito? Pano na si Darrel? Sige na nga.

I have no more news so I’ll share life lessons. I believe that TRUST is the foundation of any relationship, especially in this organization. Of equal importance, trust in oneself will push anyone into great success. You may lose your trust in others but do not lose trust in yourself. What made Miguel and Iso win, I believe, are the personal input and trust of different individuals, including them, who worked diligently in achieving this end. And I am happy that I worked with these people for the past two semesters with great dedication and love for the committee. It is a humbling experience and I wish it could work with you—my family in Ecosoc.

I would like to thank the following people: Nicolle, Risa, Raya, Jiggy, Issa, Lesley, and Wax for continuous support; Cid and A for practice venues; Jan for schoolgirl outfit; Klaud for shoes; Maika for rummageables; Miguel for carrying bags; Chrissa for wand and sewing skills; JP, Cyril, and Kelvin as backup dancers; Ryna for blouse, glove, and choreo; Jax for skirt, ribbons, and night gown transformation; Noreen for makeup and evening gown; Romano for gloves and wings; and Andre for 9 bags of rummagebles, coercing people to vote, finding the perfect performance, pubbing, texting, music, passion, and everything else in between! Of course, THANK YOU ISO for representing and winning for SPEV in Grand Tradition 2011, we could not have done it without you.


Michael “Myk” Narciso
Sports Committee Chairperson

Hello Ecosoc!

First of all, I would like to thank everyone who supported World War Ecosoc: Sports Cup 2011 and Run for 53! Thank you guys! :) Without your support and active participation, our events wouldn’t be successful! Thank you again! Sports loves you!

After thanking everyone, of course I want to thank my beloved committee also for a job well done this semester! :) Sports, good job! We started on a high note and we ended with a bang! To my VC’s Chello and Hari, thank you! You know how much we’ve grown together and how much we placed all hopes and efforts to Sports! Thank you! To my members from last semester Mik, Issay, Junjie, Tobie, Tikay, Topy, Louie, and especially Patty, thank you! Whatever mistakes and shortcomings we had the previous semester, I’m pretty sure we’ve made up for it! To my new members Jorell, Trixie, Janeen, and Dave, thank you for letting yourselves embrace the Sports Spirit and opening yourselves to the experience! Thank you for adding flavor to the family and making it a better one! :) To my apps PauBau, Anon, Jed, Erol, Cesca, CV, and Jan, thank you! I know you all deserve to pass the application process! Thank you for sharing with Sports your enthusiasm and energy! To Sports, see you all on Thursday for our bonding session! :) Again to everyone, job well done! I love you all! <3

Frawesome, one year seems so fast, right? I will definitely miss all of you! :) Cheers to our final stretch! :)

An anonymous person once said that a journey begins with a single step. And every day, I remind myself, is a step towards that end. In a month’s time from now, I’ll be taking my last step not only as a university student but also as an Ecosoc member. If I could only extend for one more semester, I would gladly do so but the inevitable has to happen. Sooner or later, I realized, we are bound to leave everything—even the things we love the most.

With his journey near to its end and still with lots of love,
Myk Narciso

Photos provided by the Execom


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