Revolution is in the air as Renegade hits OneEsplanade

By Kenneth Reyes

Last September 23, 2011, Ecosoc Month culminated in the Ad Hoc Party entitled Renegade, which was held an OneEsplanade.

Much hype was generated in the weeks leading up to the event. The Publicity team enlisted the help of ‘ambassadors’—influential young men and women who were tasked to promote the party in their respective circles and to participate in the publicity materials as models. These ambassadors were ‘vectorized’ to achieve a truly eye-catching effect.

Two weeks before the party, it was also announced that entrance was free for all members, provided they arrived at 8:30pm.

Come the night itself, lines began forming even before the gates were opened. The venue’s stage had a large LCD screen that was adorned with a gigantic white triangle.

The program was hosted by DJ Max, Chrissie Torres, and Jelo Andres and consisted of a game involving couples, who were dared to perform an action as determined by rolling two dice.

The dancefloor opened afterwards and free-flowing drinks were served. A sensational midnight reveal also drove the party-goers wild.

The party ended at around 2am, with many guests looking exhausted but exhilarated as they made their way home.

Photo by Justin Baniqued


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