Ecosoc votes a new batch of leaders; vacancies abound

By Nadine Eleazar

On September 30, 2011, Ecosoc participated in the annual election of the Executive Committee from 8:30am to 6pm.

The convocation was held the day before on September 29 at SE 125 from 5pm tp 7:30pm.

After the voting period, the Comelec tallied the votes in the tambayan, which was open for public viewing.
Official election results are as follows: Jose Maria “Cocoy” V. Vargas for President, Carmela Grace “Mhela” B. Calugay for CDC Chair, Jessica Marie B. Bodo for Treasurer/Finance Chair, Mark Daniel M. Matibag for Liaison Chair, Ancilla Marie B. Inocencio for Public Relations Officer/Externals Affairs Chair, and Maria Angelica E. Espiritu for Secretary/Secretariat Chair.

Voters’ turnout was 140 out of 145 eligible members, or 96.55%.

The Comelec also scheduled a special elections a week after regular elections to address the vacancies for Vice-president, Echoes Editor-in-Chief, Academic Affairs Chair, Special Events Chair, and Sports Chair. However, only Jeremae Soliman filed, vying for the VP position. A special convocation was held on October 5, while the special election itself was held the next day, October 6. With a voter’s turnout of 77.9%, lone candidate Jeremae gained 78 votes and won the position.

The remaining vacancies will be filled through appointment by the newly elected Execom. Notably, no one from the sophomore batch ran.

Photo by Reuel Realin


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