Ecosoc plays ‘Catch’

by Reuel Realin, Photo obtained from

It was a cloudy Saturday last December 10 when the Ecosoc Ultimate Frisbee team competed in Catch, an Ultimate Frisbee competition organized by the Engineering Radio Guild. The tournament was in lieu of this year’s Engineering Week. The tournament observed the standard rules of Ultimate Frisbee, and ran under double eliminations. Each play ran for 45 minutes in a race to score 11.

For their first match, the UP Ecosoc Team was pitted against the Evolutions, the official Ultimate Frisbee team of the Polytechnic University of the Philippines. The first match ended with an 8-0 score in favor of the Evolutions. In a hope of recovering from the defeat, the team played against the Typhoons, a team composed of young urban professionals. This team has been playing Ultimate for 5 years. The first part of the game was full of action as it took time before the first point was given. Undoubtedly, disk handlers Arsenio Lukban and Aris Dacanay did their best to bring the disk home and score but the game ended with a score of 7-3, in favor of the Typhoons.

Despite these losses, the team did not have their fighting spirits crushed. After all, Ultimate Frisbee has always been a sport born out of the Spirit of the Game, directed by camaraderie and fair sport among its enthusiasts. Truly, this won’t be the last time that the UP Ecosoc Ultimate Frisbee team will be seen on the field.


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