Why should you date an Ecosoc girl?

Contributed, Photo by Car Sta. Maria and Horace Cimafranca

Before my first day as an Isko, I had a talk with my former teacher who is an alumnus of UP. I clearly remember his words until now because of the deep and realistic truth that his message conveyed. My first semester here in UP was pretty normal, due to the fact that I had a daily routine of waking up, going to class, and then head straight home to the reality of waking up, and doing the exact same thing the next day. In other words, my social life during the first semester was pretty much bleak. This went on for about a month until the captain of my basketball team here in the School of Economics, talked to me about joining an org known as the UP Economics Society, or Ecosoc for short. My decision was quite one-sided since I ended up applying for an org, which I now consider as my second home.

But it doesn’t stop there.

There was this group of girls that my friends and I noticed at the start of the semester because of the way they dressed, and how they presented themselves in public. It started out as mere crushes wherein later did I find out that all of them are also part of Ecosoc. It took a while for me to open up to most of them, but I’m glad that as of this moment, all of them are my really good friends who I also consider as my sisters.

They say that love is a feeling that is hard to define. Now before I delve into this complicated yet magical desire of basically everyone, I want to point out first the two main reasons why YOU should date a girl from the UP Economics Society. Stating the obvious, a reason why you should date a girl from this organization is that for one, she studies in UP, which shows that she is beautiful and smart at the same time. I’m sure that most guys will agree with me with my first reason, right? My other reason is that as a member of this organization, we are encouraged to be well-rounded people, wherein the values of service, excellence and tradition are well kept in our hearts. This for me is one defying reason that sets apart an Ecosoc girl from other girls all around the metro. These are just two main reasons why you should date one of these single ladies from this organization, but the list goes on. I guess most of you will be pretty bored if I talk about more reasons, so I think it would be better if I describe to you how it looks and feels like to date an Ecosoc girl.

You see, this girl I like came from an all-girls school, where I’m sure that a number of values are instilled in them. During the first semester, despite us being classmates in one class, we rarely talked due to the fact that I was kind of shy, or what some people would call torpe. My heartbeat would always skip a mile whenever I hear her charming voice, and the way she dresses… one word: stunning. I asked myself, where could you find someone who is smart, and ravishing at the same time? But what’s so great about this girl I like is that she isn’t just perfect outside, she’s also perfect inside. I can vouch for this because we would frequently have those random conversations, but there would be moments too wherein each and every word she says leaves me gasping for more. Besides that, I got to know this girl over a few months, and just in that span of time, I know her so much that it’s like I’ve met this girl since we were kids.

And that I think is something you should look for in a girl, especially when you’re a member of this organization. Now, it’s true that every girl is different, but I also believe in the fact that every person deserves someone who will complete his/her life. Now, let me get back to what love is. Love, for me, is your deep affection for someone wherein you treat her as your soul mate, and best friend at the same time. It’s about taking care of her whenever she’s sick, or being right there with her when she needs your shoulder to cry on. You don’t care about what other people think because you know that it’s only her opinion you really focus on. Love is something that until now, I still don’t understand, and yet, I long for it, and I hope that during your stay here in this organization, you will find that girl who will make all your wishes and dreams come true.


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