Tambayan Look-alikes

The world is such a big place so it really bothers me why people with strangely similar genetic structures find themselves in this halfroom. The gods must be losing their creativity…or maybe it’s just science. Nevertheless, this ridiculous phenomenon is something worth showcasing. Who knows, your look-alike might tell a lot about you!

Hiromi and Stef Go Probably one of the more talked about look-alikes is Hiromi and Stef Go. A study by a group of geneticists from Stanford University revealed that 80% of East Asians share at least 50% of the same genes*. Nobody personifies that study more than these two! Aside from their shared looks, both these girls are tough. Stef is sporty and was once part of her school’s volleyball team. Hiromi, judging from her Facebook timeline cover (as observed by our resident stalker), was a cadet in high school. These girls will definitely make it to Ecosoc’s revival of the Amazona girls!

Chelsea Ngie and Dana Tan I’m sure every seasoned Ecosoc member is disturbed by the uncanny resemblance between Chelsea and Dana. Perhaps they also are covered by the 80% in that Stanford study. Maybe they are really sisters. Maybe they’re just Chinese. Whatever it is, both girls do not only look alike, they also give out the same aura. Where is Dana Tan? She needs to have a photo taken with this woman!

Brian Cruz and Timmy Jacob Doesn’t Timmy look like a younger version of Brian Cruz? Zoom into those noses! You can hardly tell the difference. But man is not defined by his nose. Timmy and Brian may even be the exact opposites. Anglophone Timmy is a budding style icon and virtuoso extraordinaire. Brian may not be all that but he’s just as cool.

Sol Cortes and Georgina Gonzales Some simply put Georgina as the taller version of Sol (and conversely, Sol as the smaller version of Georgina). Regardless of height, these two women best exemplify morena beauty! Who needs aquiline nose and white skin? Naks, you two better pay me for this!

Maan Ariate and Kat Crisostomo Ah, the freshman and the terminal student. It never gets farther than that. But a close look at Maan’s face reveals a more youthful version of Kat Crisostomo. Not that Kat is really old but a few years still work a slight difference. If Maan were to follow Kat’s fate in Ecosoc, she’d end up as the clueless muse, the damsel forever in distress and the princess still in search of her true love. I doubt Maan will be all that. She’s already found her true love, just a 3 minute drive away along Katipunan.

Telle Tiberio, CV Vergara and Myra Olaso Who’s up for a threesome? While these girls seem to share some prominent facial profiles, they are worlds apart when it comes to their interests. Myra is obsessed with everything Korean. In fact, she’s in Korea right now having the time of her life. The two other girls may look Korean but they don’t have the same affinity for Girls Generation or the eccentrically-spelled 2NE1. I heard Telle has a big crush on Daniel Radcliffe. He’s British. CV likes Avicii, the Swedish DJ. Now go party with Ralph Dantes, you hipster!

Erwin Mate and Paolo Tamase Erwin’s chubby cheeks, seasoned look and four-eyed sex appeal remind us of the great Paolo Tamase. For the clueless apps, Paolo was Ecosoc’s president. If Erwin were to become a Paolo Tamase, only by virtue of looks, then it is most likely that a bright future awaits him in Ecosoc. Stay put, young blood, you might not only become President, but you may also lose some of your fats! That’s what happened to Paolo in Ecosoc!

Jude Geron and GJ Agregado Finally, it seems like gorgeous GJ has found his real match! They’re both brown, tall, thin and they both wear glasses! What’s more striking is that they’re both into photography! Who knows, they might even have the same fashion sense! The only obvious difference is that Jude sports a typical college boy hairdo. GJ prefers to keep his cap Obama style. According to a tweet from our lovely backparking lass, GJ was quick to dismiss this whole look-alike issue with this taunt, “Wala siyang abs?” Whoa! You don’t read that in the Bible!

Also worth mentioning:
Cyvil Viloria and Ella Parel Cyvil is the 2012 reincarnation of Ella Parel, former Externals Chairperson and de facto first lady of SPEV.

Nicolle Rendon and Issay Villanueva They went to the same high school, have roughly the same height, the same high-pitched voice and the same braced set of teeth. How alike can that get?! Nicolle was even notoriously called a homewrecker by her friends in SPEV. Legend has it, Issay broke up with her boyfriend after he mistakenly made romantic advances to Nicolle. Of course, that is not true.

Gab Sollano and all the tall, dark … people!
Crude but it looks like Gab is asexually reproducing! Rino, Botan and Porn are just some of Gab’s equally tall and dark offsprings. They’re not just as funny. Yet.

You were warned, ladies. These alpha males are out on the loose!

Thank you to my lovely Echoes stalkers for providing some of the photos!

Don’t be bothered by your look-alike. We’re all great people.

*Don’t be fooled by this.


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