10 Questions: Kenneth Reyes

Kenneth Rejes

You seem like a creative guy, how did you end up taking economics?
It shouldn’t be weird. Creativity is needed everywhere in life.

When you ran for EIC, did you ever expect the changes you had in mind for Echoes to be such a game changer?
No. No one who wasn’t there can imagine how disastrous my campaign was. People weren’t very receptive to my plans, mostly because they didn’t like the way I said that Echoes then was a wasted opportunity, that if you read it cover to cover, you wouldn’t really learn or realize anything new. They hated that I compared it to K-Zone. It made me appreciate the few people who truly understood what I wanted to do — Ralph D., Ayla R., and Avril B. We were like a small band of outsiders back then.

After your work as EIC why didn’t you run for another position?
EIC, to me, is the highest position in Ecosoc. Sorry GJ, Bea.

What is one legacy you wish to leave Ecosoc now that you’re graduating?
I hope people have begun viewing Echoes as more than just the obligatory org publication. It’s the scorch marks of the Ecosocer’s brilliance, preserving our thoughts, stories, pains, gossip, and issues for generations to come.

Your articles are always so out of the box (from the economics of friendship to Tito Sotto is a Genius, etc.) Where do you get inspiration to conceptualize those ideas?
From God. I’m kidding. I don’t know. Usually I dream up some radically subversive statement (like “voting is useless” or “Tito Sotto is a genius,” etc.) and I try to defend it. If I succeed, then I have an article.

I think the male population of Ecosoc needs help in this area: considering your success rate, can you explain how you woo an Ecosocer?
Did you come up with this question Ayla? You naughty girl.

Is there an Ecosocer that inspires you? Can be an alumnus. (From Shinichi.)
Yes, Leslie Octaviano. She was the EIC when I was an app for Echoes. She said that art was an escape from the things we have to go through in life. That’s when I knew I would never leave the Echoes committee.

How do you maintain such a mysterious image?
Uhm. By accident, I guess. I’m a shy person.

If you can do anything and you know you cannot fail, what would you do? (From Judith.)
I will end all forms of extremism.

If you were to remove any day of the week what day would it be? How?
What kind of preschool question is that? […] Derek gave that question? Jesus. Derek, you are a playwright. What business do you have asking questions like that? Goddammit.

Questions by Ayla Reyes
Art by Samantha Gonzales


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  1. Judith17 says:

    Another interesting trivia bit is that both Tito Sotto and Herbert Bautista eventually had stints as Vice Mayors of Quezon City. Currently, Tito is a Senator and Herbert’s the Mayor of Kyusi. Here’s the highlight of the movie. Enjoy!tito bautista

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