Playoff Euphoria

By @KookieeKrumble


It’s that time of the year again. No, I am not talking about Christmas, nor I am talking about the premiere of the American Idol.

It’s the NBA Playoffs.

Oh, yes, it’s that time when your basketball-addicted friends will tweet non-stop of the latest buzzer-beater, or the upcoming schedule of his favourite team, or maybe emulate the pre-game ritual of his favourite player. Simply put, the Playoffs are a time wherein everyone (at least in the sports world) is tuning in to basketball. Whether streaming on the internet or watching the game live on TV, everyone wants to have a glimpse of the best time of the year for basketball.

Which leads, of course, to me having to analyse and predict who will take home this year’s crown. And believe me, it’s harder than it looks.


Since there are only 8 teams remaining, and probably four when this article will be published, I shall just give to you my thoughts on the teams that I think will make it to the semifinals and make a pick on who shall win it all.

In the East:

Miami Heat

The most hated team in basketball history. The runaway favourite. Not surprisingly though, 40% of Ecosocers voted this team to win the NBA Championship. Who can blame them? They got a 4-time MVP, a former Finals MVP, and an ostrich. The Heat are looking to defend their king-of-the-hill status and everyone is looking for this team to reach the Finals, at least. Not much to say here.

New York Knicks

Oh….the dark horse… at least on paper.

If there is any team in the East that can beat the Heat, it is this squad. Carmelo Anthony can shoot the lights out of the building and JR Smith is playing the best basketball of his life. MSG is a tough place to play for most teams and I’m sure when they reach the East Finals, the Heat or Bulls are gonna have a tough time. They rely on heavy firepower, but their defence needs much consideration. Nevertheless, NY is still a force to be reckoned with. Not to mention STEVE NOVAK, the best white player in the NBA today.

Meanwhile, in the wild West:

Oklahoma City Thunder

I am picking this team simply because of the reason that they have homecourt advantage throughout the Western Conference. Any expert will pick the Grizzlies to win but I think Kevin Durant is still the best player in the West, and HE WILL CARRY THIS TEAM even without Westbrook. The Thunder still have Kevin Martin who is a nightly threat and Derek Fisher, one of the clutchest guys of all time. Serge Ibaka, though, should improve his shooting if he wants to give OKC a legit shot at the title. And may I just say here that Reggie Jackson is a scrub. Getta outta here nigga.

Golden State Warriors

JR Yambao is the lone Ecosocer who picked this to win it all and I don’t blame him (I told you you are going to get a special mention). Steph Curry has risen to become a top 5 PG (at least in my opinion) and Klay Thompson continues to play effectively. However, GSW’s biggest asset is their Oracle crowd, which never fails to energize the team. I am personally rooting for this team, and who knows, we all might become believers after all. GSW is simply playing heart-out basketball and is relying on their youth and athleticism to outrun defenders.
TAKE NOTE THAT THE SAN ANTONIO SPURS ARE THE SAFE AND RATIONAL CHOICE. But I can’t deny the fact that the Warriors are having some primetime basketball and it’s tough to rule them out. We should see a slugfest here.


Miami is still the clear favourite, but look for the West teams to give them a run for their money.

I don’t want to sound biased or whatever, but Miami is still the rational pick. San Antonio, though, would not hurt as well. However, they will have to rely on experience to trump their old age and fatigue if they are to win it all. Plus they have to face Golden State and OKC or Memphis which are much younger teams than they are.

PICK: Miami to win over San Antonio in 5. LeBron takes home 2ndFinals MVP. Though I would like to see Mario Chalmers win it.

Lastly, I wanna say that I may be 100% wrong with all of my predictions; I am not Nostradamus.

Till then, let us enjoy the last few days of summer. Ciao. #BNS


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