“Where is Robin the Boy Wonder Hiding?” : A Story of Why Mike Saulo is so Active in EcoSoc


When asked, “What gets you out of bed in the mornings?” Mike Saulo immediately replied with a single word: “EcoSoc”. A familiar face within the tambayan, this particular member is known for his skills at playing Bridge, his almost never missing presence in all the EcoSoc events, and his CDC count, which is topped only by the CDC Chair himself, XP. Mike is considered a shining example of an active EcoSoc member but many also wonder how did that happen. Is there a perfect recipe to create an active EcoSoc member, or perhaps even before one was born, it was already written in the stars, or maybe just like in the comic books, there is a certain archetype that one has to fill in?

If indeed there is an archetype then it would be time for everyone to know just how Mike the Boy Wonder (with Tracy Miranda as Batman), came to be.

1. Almost every superhero has a tragic past.

Dick Grayson’s parents died in a fatal accident but Mike’s is not quite as dark or horrid. Mike stumbled upon EcoSoc as a transferee in the first semester of 2012. With no regular friends or hangout place, he joined EcoSoc to find his place. Perhaps this need to show appreciation as well fit in led to his going to such lengths for EcoSoc but then again, it might also be just the fact that he came to love EcoSoc for everything that it stands for.

2. Every sidekick has a mentor.

Indeed, as Robin had Batman, Mike too had his own Bruce Wayne (two if then in fact). Mike’s guardians were Tracy Miranda and Justin Yap Apostol and he attributes much of his being active from them. Both of them pushed him to work hard in order to win the Most Outstanding Applicant Award. Nevertheless, even once he became a full-fledged member, his involvement did not stop. When asked about this, he says that it is important to be part of the happenings inside the organization and that he sees himself being active until the day he graduates.

3. Heroes have their goals, whether they avenge the death of their loved ones or simply wanting to help the community.

Winning the award for Most Outstanding Applicant during his application process, Mike was rewarded for his dedication and excellence. However, even now, he still retains the same level of work and energy as when he was an applicant as evidenced by his attendance, the volunteerism, his presence both online and offline to promote EcoSoc events, and his friendly face in the tambayan. When asked about what his goal is now, he shares that yes he is working towards a goal and this goal is one of the reasons why he is as active as he is but he’ll leave that goal a secret for now until it finally comes true in the future.

4. Robin the Boy Wonder had his winning personality and in general, superheroes have very good public relations.

Based on the Pulse Apps Statistics, (once again next to XP), Mike is considered one of the most approachable members in EcoSoc. Not only that, but he is also extremely kind and helpful. The kids in the Saturday CDCs love him and he loves them back. Almost anyone can strike up a conversation with him. His personality must then be quite a significant factor as to why he is still a shining example within the tambayan because such an aura cannot simply fade.

5. Most heroes’ work ethics cannot be denied especially when juggling a superhero and civilian life.

Between academics, org work, family and friends, Mike insists that it is all about being able to manage one’s time. When asked how he manages to find the time to volunteer at so many events (ex: Rundown, UPFront, Foodgasm), he states that it is mostly thanks to his light schedule but also to the fact that he uses his time well because while he would never replace academics with an event, he takes each experience as an opportunity to learn. He does not like just hanging out at an event but would rather be there immersing himself with the tasks together with the organizing committee. This type of attitude is what keeps him going and keeps him volunteering for all the events he can go to.

6. A hero’s heart is always in the right place.

“CDC is the heart of EcoSoc, and I really love the CDC committee (and also Sports)” were the words of one Mike Saulo when asked about his presence in almost all the CDC events. More than the fact that he hates lazing around at home, he also has a natural liking to kids and a disposition to doing hard work, which dates back to his time as a CAT officer in high school. Despite just learning about CDC upon entering the organization, he fell in love with it immediately and says it is one of the main reasons as to why he stayed. Amidst the back burning heat and heavy concrete, Mike will be right at the center of it, so with a heart of gold, what more can one expect from this EcoSocer?

Given that somehow sometimes numbers 1 and 2 are not achievable, it is still possible that a combination of numbers 3, 4, 5, and 6 will lead to the right product. Mike’s story was wonderful enough to actually fit all his characteristics but as implied before, there is more to it than just filling the gaps. Mike Saulo is a good man, a great member, and people are sure to expect amazing things from him in the future. EcoSoc is extremely lucky to have found their very own Boy Wonder and can only hope to have more members like him.



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