Starbursts or Supernovas (Maybe It’s Love)


by Olivia Solomon

I liked the way

you shoved an obnoxious

amount of poetry down my throat

Instead of Keats and cummings,

it was your tongue gliding,

writing and reading


the sonnets of love

that Shakespeare forgot to write

(footnote: I intentionally wrote cummings, following how the writer signed his poems)



by Olivia Solomon

i have memorized

your lips

like lines of poetry

sweet with passion

i have memorized

those exclamation points

on your skin

as you shiver

i have memorized

the words

you utter in the dark

those breathless songs

you cry out

i want to memorize

every part of you

because they say

all good things come to an end

and eventually, this will



Genetic Lottery

by Olivia Solomon


She hit the jackpot

Yes, she did. She really did.

She really did because he was golden.

Like a god but with a delicious stubble

and his hair was copper.

She hit the stubbled copper jackpot.

He had blue eyes, the bluest blue

that make you want to vomit

because it was scary how you

might drown in them.

The bluest blue jackpot.


He was fit, really fit

and she fit perfectly into him:

how lithe she was, floating like a nymph.

And it made sense because she was

the mythical creature that

he summoned with his beauty,

his stubbled fit copper golden bluest blue beauty.


It’s nice to watch two beings

come together

even from afar,

the sunbursts and lightning storms

caused by the radiance of two

beautiful people colliding.

I smile because I can’t help

but appreciate how miracles

like that happen,

a wonderful gift of fate,

an unexpected alignment of the stars

that breathed life to a new constellation.


And there they were, staring into each other’s eyes.

I breathe a whisper, a prayer, a plea:

Maybe one day, such a miracle would happen

to me.


Credit to Tumblr for the pictures


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