10 Questions: Acad

Excerpts from a video of an Acad Commeet, circa June 18, 2013

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1. If Acad had a theme song, what would it be and why?

Nikki: “Ano daw themesong natin?”

Neil: “Feeling ko 22!” (laughter)

“Yung themesong ni Van…?”

Van: “…”

Topy: “…hindi ko alam”


2. Who’s the hottest Acad mem?

Van: “Si Earl.”

Monina: “Monina Sanchez! Publish that!”

Nikki: “No!”

Nikki/Monina: “Ok, let’s nominate…”

Monina: “Basis ng hotness… yung naging Echoes covergirl”

Everyone else: “WEEEEEEHHHHHHH”

“Si Neil Ong!”

“Si Von na lang…”


3. What do you say to people who call Acads as the Chinese committee?

Neil: “Ilan ba tayo? Chinese! Chinese!” (starts pointing at Aileen, Chelsea… etc.)

“Ang dami lang talaga”

Monina: “Uhh… we do not feel offended”

Nikki: “We embrace our diversity”


4. If Acads were a product, how would you market it?


Monina + Nikki: “Made in China!”

5. Which is correct: Gatas na choco o choco na gatas?

Van: “Chinese na gatas.”

Monina: “Depende sa context.”

Jean: “Choco na gatas! Kasi naman hind lumalabas yung…” (cow-related hand gesture)

Van: “Gatas yung main ingredient, diba?”

“Gatas na Choco”


Earl: “Diba sinasabi natin, ‘mainit na panahon,’ hindi ‘panahon na mainit?’

Monina: “Wait, kasi ang ‘gatas na choco’ o ‘choco na gatas’ it’s chocolate-flavored milk, diba? Eh, kung may strawberry-flavored milk it’s ‘gatas na strawberry,’ not ‘strawberry na gatas!’ “

(Noisy, disordered debates ensue)


6. Name a GE prof who does not give an uno but great lectures?

“Anung GE ba? Philo 1? Philo 11?”

Monina: “Kilala niyo ba si Agapito?”

“Si Soberano… si Revilla…”

Topy: “…”

Someone: “Amparado??”
7. If Oble were not posed as such, how should he pose?

General consensus: *covers exposed parts*


8. If Acad would do something out of what it normally does, what would you guys do?

Neil: “Nag-aaral ba tayo?”


9. From your committee, who would you sacrifice to participate in the hunger games?

Monina: “Neil!”

Van: “Neil!”

Earl: “Neil!”

Topy: “…”

4 others + Earl, (who changed his mind): “Jean!”

“Nikki Bondad”

Neil: “Oy! Bakit ako?”

“Because you’re going to win.” (boom.)


10. What are your strengths as a committee?

“The Chinese Factor”


Neil: (explains something) “Sorry guys. Am I putting words into your mouth?”

“Eh, masaya naman dito eh”

Questions by Frances Quezon


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