by Earl Viray


“I am who I am.”

I am not claiming the quote above for I may be put behind bars for copyright infringement. I am therefore citing its original source which is Exodus 3:14 to avoid the said scenario. I am really a careful person. I am just being who I really am.

I am assuming that you already noticed that I have used the pronoun “I” several times. I am also warning you that this article is full of I, from the title up to the very last word.

“I am not who I am not.”

I may stand for ideal, interesting, intelligent, inspirational, indispensable, irresistible, or incomparable. I, on the other hand, may also mean inferior, insignificant, idiotic, insensitive, impatient, insecure, or irritable. I, however, don’t denote any of those for I represent I alone.

I have a mixture of both idyllic and imperfect qualities. I don’t have plans to be whoever I am not just to please the people surrounding I. I should be accepted by my truest companions the way I am, and not the way I’m not.

“I am proud of who I am.”

I shall be the only thing remaining if I should be separated from everything. I is the only person I’m certain to be always by I’s side. I, then, should always be a true friend to I, accepting both the good and bad side of I. I will be I, even if they don’t like the way I work.

I should take pride in every component of I. I will be proud of I no matter what, even when people criticize this very I. I have no crisis if that’s the case, and the problem lies on the people who judge the way I am. I am who I am, and I never cease to be proud of this entity called… I.


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