What makes Ecosoc special?


So what makes Ecosoc so special?


 It is not the size of our membership, there are orgs who boast of more members than us. It is not the number of scholars we have, there are also orgs out there who raise funds for more scholars.  How about the parties? While I’ve always looked forward to Ecosoc’s anniversary party and the other parties we have thrown over the past few years, I have always rejected the notion that we are a party org. We are so much more than that.

There are two attributes in my opinion that makes Ecosoc special, and they go hand in hand. The first is that what I think makes Ecosoc special in my eyes is its membership. Not how many members we have but the passion and dedication of our membership. There is just something about Ecosoc that drives us to work and sacrifice for the betterment of our org. A large part of this something I believe is seeing many of our fellow members really dedicated and passionate in whatever event or project their working on. A good number of our close college friends are our fellow Ecosocers. Our commitment to make Ecosoc the best it can possibly be. is what makes our org excel amidst all the struggles and challenges.

We have always prided ourselves on the fact that here in Ecosoc, we give holistic development to our members. We may not throw the biggest parties, have the most number of members or the most number of scholars. As of the moment, we also may not have one of the best tambayans as we have had before. However, what remains is really a commitment from the organization to really give its members a holistic development and expose them to different experiences and ideas. The sheer number and diversity of our events proves this.

This holistic development is what I think really helps our members excel. I’ve heard a lot of comments and stories especially from the older members and alumni of how Ecosoc trains you to be knowledgeable in many different things.

The passion of our members and the holistic formation Ecosoc gives us works hand in hand. This holistic formation gives our passion direction and helps us produce special members continuously. Also, the fact that Ecosoc allows us to experience so many different things and meet so many great people is what fuels our passion and love for the org.

When asked what the identity of our org is, we often shrug. Some will say it is about the scholars, or about are long and rich history. I have always had the opinion is that Ecosoc really has no fixed identity. Our org’s identity is constantly changing because our identity is defined by our membership.  Our members will change year in and year out, all of us will eventually be alumni and not be members any longer. However, I don’t think Ecosoc will ever change as some people think it might. It will always be the org we’ve worked and sacrificed, the org we’ve loved. Ecosoc will always be about you, me and its members.


One thought on “What makes Ecosoc special?

  1. Eduard De Guzman says:

    I like that you pointed out things that are not usually noticed. I hope i get in and experience your statement myself. Thanks.

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