My App Process: Stories and Realizations

By Mike Saulo

“Passing Ecosoc’s App Process is not just a gift, it is also a CHALLENGE”

It has been a year since I had my first role in Ecosoc, being an applicant. I will never forget this moment in my life. This was the best decision I have made. I will never regret giving my full service and love to the UP Economics Society.

Looking back, I can still remember how nervous I am to sign up for Ecosoc during the org fair. But finally, I have decided to join this organization knowing that I can gain knowledge on some aspects rather than acads that can help me become a better person. It was during the Applicant’s Orientation when I fully realized that I was on the right path. I am an applicant of one of the most awarded student organization in the University of the Philippines; an org who knows how to give back to the community outside, an org who knows how to reach out to its members, an org who knows the true value of SERVICE, EXCELLENCE and TRADITION.

My application process was no different from the ones the apps are doing now. From Acquaintance party, GW Bidding (I haven’t paid my GW Fee up to now but I’m planning to do so in the NEAR future), Sigsheets, Challenge Night, fundraisers and a lot more. What sets apart my app process is on how I treated it as an opportunity to love and serve this organization, a chance for me to grow as an individual and to feel at home in the org.

At the beginning of the app process, I just only wanted to pass in this organization. I never really thought of committing myself to its thrusts. My guardians, back then, even pushed us to become outstanding applicants and even The Most Outstanding Applicant award. I absolutely did not care during that night after our acquaintance party to be an OA or MOA in the future. All I wanted to happen is to accomplish this app process and be a member of Ecosoc. I even wanted to be a part of the Academic Affairs Committee but I was not accepted and instead I eventually became an app of the Sports Committee which turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

There are a lot of things that an Ecosoc app should accomplish. First is the Tambay Hours. It only took me 4 weeks in total to finish the required 50 tambay hours because of my 4 hour break every Tuesday and Thursday. It was not a problem to me. Second requirement is the sigsheet, I failed to complete my entire sigsheet but I was able to get the signatures of the entire Execom. Only two members of Ecosoc back then were not able to sign on my sigsheet and I WILL NEVER FORGET THEIR NAMES. One of the main reason on why I was able to get a lot of signatures is through volunteering in all Ecosoc events. There are some members that you can only see on the event of their committee so attend or better yet volunteer.

Third requirement is Internship. This is really so embarrassing. I was able to sign up one day after they posted the sign up sheets in the tambayan. There were no more slots left except in Liaison and Seccom. So I chose the road less taken by signing up in Seccom and challenge myself to do something creative because I feel that I lack that skill. Afterwards, we were tasked to help in the construction of the Ecosoc Month Gallery and I’ll admit that it really challenged me to outdo myself in creative thinking. The gallery was launched after a few weeks of preparation and I felt honored to be part of the team that created it. I t does not matter on where you signed up for internship, what matters most is how passionate you are in performing the tasks given to you. Fourth, CDCs. As an applicant, we are required 5 CDC Counts to pass the application process. It is a very strict rule. Honestly, I only have 2 CDC counts entering the last month of the app process which is September. From then on, I promised myself to attend all CDC events in the entire month, including the Culminating Activity on my birthday. I finished with 8 CDC counts but more than that, I realized the true purpose of having CDC, which is service and immersion to the community outside Ecosoc. It feels good to be a part of someone’s lives even in a short moment.

Lastly, the two major interviews that has a huge impact in the app grading system. During my Midsem, I was interviewed by the one and only, Mark Matibag. I got a grade of 86 which is pretty low compared to the score of my app batchmates. But most importantly, that midsem interview made me realized that there are still a lot of things that I need to improve on. I am doing good but still not good enough to be considered my best. So, I accepted my grade wholeheartedly and promised myself to bounce back in the Final Interview. I never really saw my grade there but I knew in myself that I did the best that I can to prove that I will still be committed to the organization once I become a member and I will continue loving it until eternity.

Ecosoc’s app process is not all about these requirements alone. It is about how you interact with Ecosocers and how sincere you are in serving the organization as an applicant. But, I firmly believe that your performance as an applicant does not matter. What really matters is how you will serve Ecosoc as a member once you have passed the app process. It is being a member that challenges us to live up to the thrusts of the organization. It is the chance to prove yourself worthy of passing Ecosoc and to prove that you really deserve your award as an OA or MOA. This is a chance for new members to share their unique skills and to learn great things from the organization. Being a new member is the best time for proby apps to show what they got, time for apps who underperformed to be the best they can be and above all time for the applicants to live for their dreams and aspirations.

To cut the long story above, I pass the application process and I am currently a member of the UP Ecosoc. I will never regret joining this organization. This org has one of the biggest influences in my life. I learned a lot of ideas, skills and people’s life in Ecosoc. I can’t imagine my college life without this org. I owe this org a lot, so I decided to never join another org again and promised to dedicate my time, skills and knowledge to help this organization just like how it helped me grew as a person.

I must not fail Ecosoc. I will never let UP Ecosoc down.

I will always love UP Economics Society.


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