is back!

By Jude Geron

Many of us in college are now well underway with our second semesters, with tons of organizations back in full swing. We, at Echoes, the official publication of the UP Economics Society, are no different, and that means our website will once again provide a steady stream of all-new content. This time around, however, we intend to make a little reorientation of our focus.

            Last semester saw a number of posts exclusive to the website, and it is on those posts by which we are now making the transition to making a collaborative blog for the members (and applicants!) of Ecosoc. We aim to extend the platform we provide to the organization, one that gives a means of expression for the members in the form of a magazine, to a blog, where they can share their experiences, their thoughts, and even their creative work to a wide audience. With the size of the org, you can expect to see a lot of write-ups and other posts over the coming months, from a wide variety of people. This website will also continue to serve as an extension of the main publication, and will continue to provide updates on what we have been engaging in.

            With that said, let this be a chance for everyone to experience a different kind of UP Ecosoc, one that is not defined with its events and initiatives, nor by what the org as a whole has done in the past. Rather, let this be the UP Ecosoc that is a collection of individual experiences, of varied tastes and interests, the thought streams of people from different backgrounds in digital form. We all have stories to share.

Jude is the current Editor-in-Chief of Echoes


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