UP Bucketlist!

Four years is an awfully long time to spend in the University. Think of all the free times spent lounging around Econ, AS, or the Acad Oval. I wonder what shenanigans some of our lovely seniors always dreamt of doing while being an Iskolar ng Bayan?


Erol “Elmo” Miranda

1. Speak to Mike Saulo in English for 2 hours straight

2. Have a bro-date with Boz Digay with him providing the goods aka joots aka cookie

Paulo “XP” Damian

1. MOMOL sa Sunken Garden at night

2. Makaapak sa College of Music (note: never nangyari to haha)

3. Experience getting a singko (note: sadly, nangyari to… twice haha)

4. Apply for JMA wew #socialite

5. Makapag full ikot as in for example sakay sa econ tas baba din sa econ

Romano “Achiever” Alonzo

1. Watch a legit Dulaang UP play (my classes never required us to watch Dulaang UP plays) :((

2. Watch Hagikhikan/Karolfest/Maskipaps/Pep Rally or any bigtime variety show in UP

3. PJs for a day or Onesies (ultimate pantulog)!!!

4. Join a rally (for the experience) – Nag expect ako sa Art Stud kaso walang big issues that time :(

Beatriz “BB” Bayudan

1. Photo-walk through UP

2. Watch the Oblation Run

3. Be friends with a cool prof

4. Join a rally/protest

5. Be the Iskolar ng Bayan that the Philippines needs

awww :( feelings

Shelly Umali

1. Go to class na nakainom

2. Itry lahat ng food stalls sa Area 2

3. Pumasok sa CR ng Alumni Center (di ko pa nagagawa to)

4. Humiram ng libro galing sa Stacks sa Mainlib

5. Kumain ng kanin at ulam sa lib

Ryna Claro

1. Go to the University Hotel

2. Go to the UP fair.

3. Watch the oblation run hehe

4. Fall in love (chos lang)

5. Not get kicked out of econ. ♥

Sam Gonzales

  1. Magshift sa Compsci + be as competitive as fuq – this was during first year
  2. Itaboy ang high school ko
  3. Maging komunista
  4. Rumally
  5. Madiscover yung sarili ko

Ica Ducanes

  1. Eat Isaw
  2. See the real Oble
  3. ID with wacky pose

Ria Zapanta

  1. Talk to Lanuza, Jocano or Randy David or Fabella about life and the world over coffee
  2. Befriend an awesome freshie and become BFFs after and tell him/her allll the things I wanted to hear 4 years ago when I was just starting out
  3. Picnic in the Sunken Garden
  4. Vandalise in the AS Girls’ CR
  5. Jog with an artista in the Oval

Anonymous #1

  1. Eat at LB and also try that Arki Siomai!
  2. Check out that Bonsai Garden(?) haha
  3. Attend UP fair!
  4. See Piolo run around the acad oval haha
  5. Stay at the main lib til it closes

Angel Espiritu

  1. Have a class at the Sunken Garden

Jessica Bodo

  1. Eat in all the kiosks in area 2
  2. Ghost hunting!

Louie Wee

  1. Graduate with honors
  2. Hang out with women
  3. Drive drunk

Anonymous #2

  1. Picture with Oble
  2. Try out all the food places in and around UP
  3. Attend class in pantulog clothes
  4. Drive the other way sa Acad Oval

Cathy Bucay

  1. Momol
  2. Eat in all Maginhawa restos
  3. Have a boyfriend…(while eating in all maginhawa restos, haha labo!)

Lara Rapanan

  1. I’ve always wanted to dress up as some scary creature and prank people jogging in the oval during the night haha

Joby Guerrero

  1. Graduate with Honors. I want to make my parents proud and make them feel that all their sacrifices are worth it.
  2. Study Japanese. Thankfully, we have a lot of electives in Econ so I was able to accomplish this!
  3. Make at least one friend in each of my class (especially in GE classes). I usually befriend my seatmate/s during the first day of classes.
  4. Meet the One. HAHAHA, I really thought I was going to find him during my undergrad years. :))
  5. Join AME (Anime and Manga Enthusiasts). I really wanted to join AME ever since a friend from a higher batch told me about it. Sadly, I wasn’t allowed by my parents to join. :(

AK Mapolon

  1. Stargaze at the observatory!
  2. Go to school in pambahay
  3. Climb up carillon tower
  4. Take PI 100 under Ocampo
  5. Walk around the oval alone in christmas time

Janine De Vera

  1. Take a picture na nakahiga sa acad oval
  2. Makita si Piolo na nagjojogging
  3. Kumain sa lahat ng college cafeterias
  4. Magshower sa banyo ng NIGS kasi apparently maganda daw (according to BB)

Anonymous #3

  1. Graduate on time <3 awww
  2. Maka-witness ng frat war
  3. Pumasok sa class ng hindi naliligo + pambahay clothes
  4. Vandalize sa Girls’ CR / magsulat sa isa sa chairs sa AS
  5. Meron magdedicate ng post for me sa Overheard at UP or Diliman Files or kahit ECONfessions lang hahaha huhu(medyo joketime eto na medyo hindi rin hahah)

Bryan Cuerdo

  1. Papicture with Oble. :)
  2. Magjogging sa Acad Oval. :)
  3. -Magdorm. :)
  4. -Sumali sa isang university-wide/nation-wide/international academic competition. :)
  5. -Maglaro sa UAAP bilang part ng UP varsity sa basketball. :)

Arsenio Lukban

  1. Randomly meet people I have never known on my life.
  2. Overnight in Econ for thesis
  3. Become an execomer
  4. Ride my bucycle to UP along katipunan road
  5. Learn random things, like oil painting, developing film, appreciating dace and music recitals, making a survey, using what i know for my thesis.

What’s in your UP Bucketlist?


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