Ecosoc’s Fears: A Selection

by Kamille Manuel

Fear |fi(ə)r| noun: an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat.

Fear is seen in the eyes of the student running late for class; fear manifests in a person’s heart right before exams. Fear is an almost everyday emotion, making us weak in our knees with worry and doubt. Fear is one of my least favorite feelings.

Any person can be afraid of anything. I know someone who is afraid of butterflies; the sight of one will make her run away. I have another friend who is afraid of heartbreak. Personally, I’m afraid of large trucks because of a bad childhood experience. One of the respondents below is afraid of frogs, and there were some who had negative experiences that led to them having those fears. We each have our own stories and fears to share. Some of which are humorous like our fear of rodents and flying cockroaches; or the deeper, darker fears that we’d hide behind code names.

Fear can be a positive emotion, too. True, it can immobilize some. It makes us nervous, fearful and unsure of what may happen. But fear can motivate us, too. Our fear of failure can push us to use that extra hour for studying; it can help us be more careful of our time. Having fears isn’t bad; it makes us more human. It keeps us in touch with our own vulnerability. Our fears mustn’t be something we’re afraid of.

codename Phobia, fears, etc. Any related stories or reasons behind it?
magic mike heights, snakes ayoko sa mga rides sa amusement parks
Derp Failure I’m afraid of failing so I tend to avoid large risks even if there rewards are great. It might sound conceited but I’ve always succeeded in everything I did as a kid so now that I’m in college – where risks and reward are both bigger – I always go for the safe route.
gone girl fear of being left behind like it’s not enough of a burden to have to go through this life, what more if you have to do it alone not because of choice but cause of the lack of it. it’s just quite sad to feel lonely even though you’re not alone. there’s not much use in knowing a lot of people if you have not so much to call your real friends.
sensitivetwig Fear of my loved ones (specifically parents) dying. I fear that they might go too soon, and it is at this point in my life that I need them the most. I fear that my life will turn to shit without them. :c
anonymous losing her its a long story
FrogHunter FROGS During the rainy seasons, the first thought that always enters my mind is “Fuck here comes the frogs”

The amount of roadkill the following days also disgust me.

I’d rather have my heart broken over and over again rather than be in a room with a frog (awtsu)

machupa flipis walang macho sa lumilipad na ipis
gwapito papito deep water scared of things in the deep
Sleepyhead Fear of Drowing Fear of drowning: I remember one story in particular, when I was very young, perhaps 5 years or so. I was on a surfboard with my tito when I suddenly lost my balance and fell into the depths of the water. At that moment, time seemed to slow down, and I calmly took in my surroundings in an almost dreamlike trance. Just as suddenly as I fell in, I was pulled back up, and it was then I realized that I was suffocating. The whole experience could not have been more than 15 seconds, but that moment has lasted my entire life.
Third Eye Blind Darkness, falling Darkness: When I was small, I could see ghosts in our house’s second floor. So I never wanted to go up by myself at night.

Falling: Wala lang. Shit’s scary, bro.

yellow ragged, pale skinned, red lipstick wearing Lilliputian love, sugar, etc I am afraid that i’m falling in love with a guy whose already in a sweet and engaging relationship. And I am distraught that I have no chance because 1.) i’m too afraid 2.) she’s magical and i’ve no lamp.
NewYorkPizzaCar Loneliness, Frogs and Death
letterwriter Growing Up I always hated growing up but not on the reasons you’re probably thinking of right now. I hate it because of the fact that you can never go back to those memories you cherish so much and the friends you had are probably on their own roads to self-discovery. I hate it because of the possibility that one day, you’ll just be living by yourself, waiting on the day you’d finally day. I hate it because you’re changing little by little and you’ll hardly notice it. I hate it because I don’t get to have a say about the change. But more importantly, the reason I really fear growing up is the fact that my nostalgia for the happiest days of my life in the past bathes my body with sadness and pensive longing that is borderline depressing. What’s worse? You’ll soon forget the memories of those days whether you like it or not.
turnipforwhat failure i dunno as an only child the weight on my shoulders is very heavy and i feel like if i fail i’ll bring a lot of people down with me — people who i never even knew i carried and they won’t have any of that

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