Saying Goodbye to Something You Don’t Want to Leave Just Yet

By Jena Fernandez


Permanently saying goodbye to something is probably one of the hardest things to do, but what’s more difficult is leaving something you wish could stay for just a little bit more. Year after year, we face new chapters in our lives, we learn to move on, and we let go of things in the past. You’d think, for people who are already so used to saying goodbye, we would handle separation anxieties quite well by now. But sometimes, when the endings get tougher, it gets a little bit harder to say goodbye.

Separations are so brutal, yet, at the same time, they’re one of the most beautiful things we could witness in life. The feeling of time running out leads people to say things they couldn’t express comfortably to each other on a normal day. There’s also something wonderful about the “lasts” because people go all out, knowing that the moment may never happen again. And then there’s this scary yet also exciting feeling of not knowing what lies ahead after that “goodbye”, but being optimistic about it nevertheless.

Although a lot of permanent farewells we know are heartrending, not all are. Most of the times, these turn out to be a happy thing because you get to see new places, meet new people, or experience greater things. The possibilities are boundless. But other times, it’s hard to find the “good” in goodbye like when you finally get the realization that life wouldn’t be as chill and carefree as it once was. Once the thought of graduating from college sinks in, other thoughts like leaving the premises you’ve been so comfortable with, the friends you’ve grown to love, and realizing you won’t be having allowance anymore, hits like a ton of bricks. Graduates would suddenly have to confront the reality they’ve been trying to avoid for four years. What happens next? No one can ever be so sure, and it’s that frightening feeling of uncertainty which makes you want to stay instead.

It’s hard to leave. It’s hard to let go of people and places you’ve made so many good memories with. It’s hard to accept that the “real life” is about to start and that soon, academics will no longer be the number one stressor in your life. But eventually, one will come to the end of the line and there will be no choice left but to accept it. Time would force you to let go. The future may be scary and the life outside UPSE may be worrisome, but everyone’s bound to get there soon. Everyone’s bound to say goodbye.

Saying farewell to something you don’t want to leave just yet gives us all these sad and sentimental feelings, but it’s exactly what makes it beautiful. It’s the memories and emotions attached to these goodbyes that makes us wish we didn’t have to. One can never be ready to say goodbye, but one can do a better job in preparing to say hello to new and hopefully, better things.

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A whole new chapter awaits you, seniors. Carry on.


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