Ecosoc Travel Tales: Philippines

Ever wondered what it’s like to view your home in someone else’s eyes? Check out these Ecosocers who’ve put faces to the places you’ve always known existed but never really seen. Gaze through their eyes, their lives.

Compiled by Ken Recasata



My sisters and I went to visit Davao because the whole Dave side of the family celebrated the 50th wedding anniversary of our grandparents. It was a fun experience being in a wedding kind of environment and it made me want to get married as well (WHOA??). It was extra fun since all my cousins were there and we were always so loud and talked about our parents behind our backs. LOL The trip was full of mushy, cheesy stuff because, also during the trip, my dad proposed to his girlfriend (YAY). So not only did I gain Christmas calories, but I also gained a new step mom! FUN LUV LUV LUV! #DavWOW



(Subic, Zambales)

Getting there is half the fun. This would be a perfect one-liner if you’re planning to go to Subic, Zambales. I suggest you pass through the NLEX and SCTEX for a more scenic route and to rid yourself of the ennui. Subic offers different activities for different types of people. If you love animals and the outdoors, you can visit the Zoobic Safari. If you’re more of a beach/marine life kind of person, I suggest Ocean Adventure where you can appreciate marine life safely behind tanks. But if you want to get your feet wet, maybe the Camayan Beach resort would be perfect for you, and it’s right next to Ocean Adventure! Subic is also a Freeport, and you can visit factory outlets for different shoes, clothes, bags, etc. If you’re into that kind of thing, you can get Nike and Adidas shoes for 50-80% the price!!!



(Sagada, Mountain Province)

Forget what you saw in That Thing Called Tadhana! Sagada is a hundred times more beautiful than the film suggests. If you have the time and the budget, I highly recommend making the 13 hour trip up the Cordilleras. Your butt is going to ache from the travel but it would be definitely worth it once you get there. It’s so easy to fall in love with the place because of the cold weather, friendly people, and amazing sights. There is an adventure in every corner, whether on a trek to a waterfall or inside a cave! Disclaimer: Restless legs and wanderlust required.




My friends and I visited Cebu for the Sinulog weekend and the minute we landed we knew we were in for one hell of a trip. Just at the airport the drums were already pounding and the whistles were already sounding at the arrivals area. Along the streets and in the malls they’d blast EDM or the Sinulog theme song so you may never forget that it was fiesta time. On our first night we attended Life Dance, the first among many parties, to kick-off the weekend. The following day we went island hopping and at night we chilled and had a few drinks at Tops Viewpoint with some other friends.

The following day was the main day of the fiesta. After a sumptuous lunch of grilled seafood and some of that famous Cebu Lechon we immediately joined in on the festivities on the streets and even spotted a few celebrities. People would dance, drink and shout and you’d definitely find yourself carried by the crowd as people pushed, shoved and rubbed paint on you as they’d shout “Pit Señor!”. At night we went to Sinulog Invasion, one of the biggest parties during the day of the fiesta. From 4PM to 2AM the next day we danced and partied the night away. It seemed like the partying was never gonna end but by the 8th DJ of the night we all had to go back and freshen up in order to catch our early morning flights back to Manila.



(Boracay Island)

6 Highlights of my Bora Trip!

1. Eating Hawaiian BBQ, 4 cheese pizza, mexican shizznitz, Jonas Shake
2. Walking on the white sand beach all afternoon
3. ATV -> Ziplining -> Banana Boat
4. Reading a book at the balcony with an amazing view
5. Watching the sunset while in the infinity pool
6. Partying with my great grandmas and grandpa. Lewl (tugs tugs line dance level. Hahaha)

This trip wouldn’t be as fun without my loved ones tagging along with me. I believe that in any adventure or vacation, it’s the company that counts! (ala beauty queen answer *bow*)


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