Pillow Talk


It’s the middle of the night and you lie wide awake despite the long day; your mind wanders aimlessly as you stare at a single corner of your room. Only, nothing but darkness stares back. It’s precisely those moments before you sleep where time stands still leaving you at the mercy of your own thoughts– your own secrets, your own guilt, anger, pain… Not a soul hears about the tragedies of your tormented being. None… but a pillow.

compiled by Ken A. Recasata


“People question my preferences for a partner, and it saddens me to know that some people immediately assume my sexual preference without even knowing me that much. Please.

1. I’ve have a previous bad experience back in high school. I don’t want that to happen again.

2. I’m okay with being single. I’d rather wait for the perfect one rather than blindly convince myself that I’ve already met the one, and just settle down.

3. I have standards.”

Open Book

“Minsan puro nalang hatred yung nararamdaman ng mga tao na ang judgement pinangungunahan nalang ng inis. Ano ba? Pano kung may pinagdadaanan? Bakit di kayo marunong umintindi? Laging kayo yung mabuti? Yung tama? Tangina.”


“Ty to you Ecosoc for giving me a family. You’re the best thing to have ever happened to me in college so far. Can’t wait for the rest of my life with you ;) (landi amp)”


“Sometimes I just feel like no one deserves to be depressed. Not even the bad people or those who’ve made mistakes. Especially not the bad people. Because no one deserves to forever be haunted in guilt and shame by the bad things they’ve done. No one deserves to live in a bubble that tells them things will never get better. They will never get better. They will never be better.”


“I am so tired of people giving me shit for being nice to others. Porket mabait sa lahat, malandi kaagad? Kung kaya ninyo ako husgahan, tignan niyo muna ang mga sarili ninyo. Kunwari ang lilinis ninyo? Nakakapagod maging mabait sa inyo.”

I am who I am

“Gwapo naman ako. Tuwing tinitignan ko ang aking sarili sa salamin may dating naman ako. Pero bakit walang may crush sakin??????”


One liner hits

“When you say you’re okay, but you’re really dying inside.” –Open Book

“I just need someone to love me right now.” –Zayn Humahalik

“Sometimes I wonder if people are genuinely interested to know me.” –Angelica

“Am I really in love with you or just in love with the feeling?” –Ano ba talaga


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