BEDTIME STORIES: The Litnight Playlist

Album art by Vim Gayutin

“This isn’t exactly a playlist just for one-time listening; as you can see, there are about 100 songs on this playlist and it could further expand depending on my mood. Feel free to browse through all those songs and put the playlist on shuffle coz I put various genres all together.

There are songs for different moods such as chill nights, sad nights, kilig nights, reminiscent nights, existential crisis nights, etc. Basically, songs for whatever bedtime story you could be having right before you doze off to sleep. I’m not much of a poet and I may not exactly have the most lovely way with words, so this is my form of poetry for y’all. I gathered a bunch of my favourite songs from various artists. I hope this inspires you to explore more when it comes to music because it’s true what they say that music can help you get through the worst of times, and make the best times definitely more worthwhile.”

–Dani Gonzales, Echoes



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