My First Kiss Went A Little Like This

Words by Gabe Japlos
Art by Kirsty Warman

Growing up, I’m pretty sure we have all watched the many different fairy tales like Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Little Mermaid and the sort. We all know how the typical story goes in these fairy tales. They meet the perfect person and at the end they fall for each other. But these fairy tales are called tales for a reason. They rarely happen in real life. One perfect example of this is how in most of these fairy tales they are able to save their first kiss for the perfect person. After the first kiss, they always end up loving each other and living happily ever after. But we all know this isn’t really the case. Looking for someone to kiss is hard enough, trying to save your first for the perfect person is just impossible. This led me to the question: should you try to save your first kiss for the perfect person or not?

I asked my friends this same question. Sone said that you should save your first kiss for the perfect one. The others believe that it’s okay if you don’t – the more you wait, the better. But what should you really do?

imageFirst, let’s discuss why you should save your first kiss for the perfect one. Saving your first kiss makes it special. Making it special makes the person even more special for you. You get to feel all the emotions you’re supposed to feel when you first kiss that special someone. Also, when you get old and look back at your first kiss, you’d look at it in a special way, something you will always be happy about. You won’t look at it in a bitter way and won’t wish that it never happened. Not only that but it creates a better image of you. For a girl, it shows that you respect yourself. It shows that you respect your own human dignity. It also shows that you aren’t an easy catch or someone anyone could get to momol just like that. For a guy on the other hand, It shows how you aren’t a “fuccboi” and that you are a nice guy. It shows that you respect women and you don’t take advantage of them. You aren’t one of those guys who tries to kiss every girl they see as if it were a game or that girls are just objects. Although all of this may be true, we should also remember the saying that nice guys finish last.

This is the reason why some of my friends think that you should stop worrying about saving your first kiss. Imagine finally finding the perfect one, the love of your life. You finally get to kiss her for the first time. This is your time. But when you do, you have no idea what you’re doing. Things get real awkward and you didn’t do it right. In the end, he or she gets turned off then boom! Wala na! you messed it up big time. This is the reason why you shouldn’t try saving your first kiss anymore. They said that you shouldn’t make such a big deal about it because it’s just a kiss. My friend even said that the more the better because you get to practice your kiss, so when it’s time for you kiss that special someone, you’ll do it right and you’ll do it good. She won’t get turned off and you can finally live happily ever after. But I think there are two sides to this theory. I think it’s okay to kiss other girls if you actually have feelings for her. This, for me, is acceptable. But the kissing of random strangers just to prove that you can score is a big “NO” for me. But either way, I think kissing a lot of girls has its downfalls. I mean, good luck explaining to that special someone how many other people you’ve kissed before. Even if you do it right, some people feel uncomfortable knowing the fact that you’ve kissed a lot of other people.

As you can see, both have their own pros and cons. There is no correct answer. I think it’s still up to you on what you want to do. It depends on how you want yourself to be seen and how you actually view relationships and how you see kissing as an act of affection for another person. All I want to point out after this is to respect kissing. Kissing is not some game. It isn’t supposed to be something that you do just for fun. Don’t go around looking for drunk people so you can momol them just for fun. Kissing a lot of people doesn’t make you cool. It doesn’t make you better than other people. Respect yourself and respect the people around you.

(Editor’s Note: Aaand we still don’t know how Gabe’s first kiss went.) 

Gabe Japlos says hi. He believes that fitness is a very important aspect in life. He may be shy at first but once you get to know him, he promises to make your day!


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