Expectations vs. Reality: Summer Edition

Words by Chino Vitriolo

Everyone loves the summer. Unless you’re a workaholic or you live in a cave, a lot of people look forward to summer for their respective RNRs. However, with the academic calendar shift being imposed back in 2014, summer has never been the same. With that, here are some summer musings the average Ecosocer expects and their swift, more-than-usual unjust reality dahil nga sa panahon ngayon, mahirap na mag-expect.


Rolly Oliquinonel-17.jpg
Summer expectation: Warm, summer days (perfect to landi on the beach).
Reality: Harsh, cold winds in tandem with rainy days (perfect for cuddling…myself).

Let’s start with the obvious; ever since the academic calendar shift happened in 2014, a lot of people have been pointing out how June and July, being rainy months, are troublesome for the full enjoyment of the summer break. Moreover, during the final days of each second semester, UP Diliman suffers from the scorching heat and students get roughly affected, while come the summer break, it starts to rain heavily (talk about the weather being really bipolar). UP students even stressed the survival of the University Avenue sunflowers, which are supposed to bloom every graduation during the summer. Since then, we have started to adjust to the weather condition during each summer break, bringing out umbrellas and boots instead of the usual sunglasses and flip-flops. Because of the annoying calendar shift, Rolly may never be able to landi on the beach again.


Earl Dumalaog11138101_10153684908995929_3230147550176566266_n.jpg
Summer expectation: Umalis with friends every week.
Reality: Wala eh, walang nangyari. Puro plano.

Charlotte Amante13406858_10209901149715095_7368451885768936984_n
Summer expectation: More time with friends!
Reality: More time to sleep.

With the two months of break, summer is also an opportunity to walwal every week with your friends and barkada, or to go out and save your crumbling social life after continuous weeks of hell in UP. Social circles and cliques plan their way to visit the beach or climb a mountain, but family plans, incompatible schedules or having a relationship with your bed gets in the way. Then again, after a tiring, sleep-deprived semester, who wouldn’t want to sleep the summer off? We know Lotlot does.


Bea Arroyo
Summer expectation: Get abs.
Reality: Jelly Belly.

Karla Tuplano12985606_1003632049713992_403795027156822041_n
Summer expectation: British boylet (or any boylet, really), or lose a decent amount of weight.
Reality: 5 pounds heavier, 2 times uglier, and still single as fuck.

Aside from socializing, some Ecosocers wanted to use the summer to get fit and get them gains from the gym. However, the harsh reality of doing nothing but eating at home, or stress-eating because of academics and work gets in the way of a healthy lifestyle. It’s just too good to eat your heart out during the summer when you either don’t have to worry about any requirements, or if you’re drowning in the workload. Either way, majority of us would’ve gained a few pounds over the break from enjoying (or stressing) the summer.

Justin Villas
JuviDP.jpgSummer expectation: Become noticeably fatter, fail my midyear classes, find or realize the love of my life.
Reality: None of the above.

Summer is also an opportunity to meet new people, whether in Midyear, at work, in Walrus or during your travels. So it’s not unusual to expect to meet that special someone who’ll sweep you off your feet. Unfortunately for Justin and Karla, they didn’t find someone special this summer. Like I said, mahirap mag-expect. However it doesn’t mean that you’ll be single forever. You just have to be patient and willing because you never know, that special someone might just be waiting for you in your class next semester. Hang in there, Karla and Juvi.

With the changing summer feels in UP, it’s easy enough to say that one should not expect too much and just go with the flow during the break. More importantly, one must always enjoy and fully utilize their summer break. When we all start working already, there might even be no summer break to enjoy anymore.

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Chino Vitriolo is a resident tito of Ecosoc. You can find him making tambay at the Econ backparking or at the AS parking lot.

Artwork by Mark Chagall



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