On The Rise

It is around 8 am when Kayla Fabulous suggests that we open a bottle of wine to get her buzzed and ready for the shoot. And because this is Echoes, Madame EIC Selena runs out and back into our makeshift dressing room with a bottle of wine within seconds. Cheers to the new school year, I guess. Kayla Fabulous starts her shoot, reiterating that she doesn’t have any prior modeling experience, which ends up sounding like absolute BS because she’s a natural.

A few hours later, Mr. Gemzontan arrives, sweaty, but I forget why. He’s already wearing Outfit #1 and goes straight into the shoot. This is how these people work—it’s such a constant go, go, go that I’m surprised they don’t have their own reality show. But then again, considering their commitments to Ecosoc, their beloved, I doubt that they’d have any free time for one. –B.R.

Not an Echoes subscriber? Worry not! You can order your own copy of the August 2016 issue for P130 at tinyurl.com/EchoesSingles!

Styled by Bianca Rañola
Directed by Ken Recasata
Shot by Faulene Manzanilla
Produced by Selena Yao


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