Film Photo Series I: Europe on Film by Chili Perez

by Chili Perez

Camera: Canon T50, 50mm

Film: Fujifilm Superia ISO 200/400

  1. The architecture and design in Budapest is astounding. This is Matthias Church on the top of Buda. The color is even more fantastic in real life. Shot in Budapest, Hungary0.JPG
  2. I amsterdam sign in front of the Rijksmuseum. I love Museumplein as much as I detest the tourists and the crowds they bring. Shot in Amsterdam, the Netherlands1.jpg
  3. The loveliest Airbnb in the heart of Vieux-Lille. Sweet and cozy, but chic. A lot like Lille. Shot in Lille, France2.JPG
  4. I found the most Dutch, gezellig café in this tiny fishing village in the Netherlands. Even the name is Dutch af. Shot in Volendam, the Netherlands3.JPG
  5. Europeans sunbathing in every corner of the universe where there is sun. This was on a wonderfully warm spring day in Salzburg. I think they shot some Sound of Music song here. Shot in Salzburg, Austria4
  6. A Holocaust memorial along the banks of the Danube River. This marks the place where the Nazis forced Hungarian Jews to jump into the river, to their death. A sad but powerful reminder of the horrors of war and racism. Shot in Budapest, Hungary5
  7. A secret shot of my New Yorker friend while we were snoozing in a random park in Salzburg. One of my favourite travel memories to date… Shot in Salzburg, Austria6
  8. As much as I’d like to say that these tulips were Dutch, I can’t! Beautiful spring tulips in Austria though. Shot in Salzburg, Austria7
  9. Subjecting my Swiss flatmate to another one of my shoots. She’s posing on my balcony in our flat in Utrecht. I miss her so. Shot in Utrecht, the Netherlands8
  10. This photo went a bit wrong because I was chasing daylight on this photowalk in this Alsatian town. I got to Strasbourg way too early that day and so I forgot my camera the first time I went around exploring, so this was taken during my second tour around Petite France at night. La vie en rose! Shot in Strasbourg, France9
  11. Bruges was such a picturesque town! I was elbowing out around 20 other tourists to get this shot. Kinda worth it. Shot in Bruges, Belgium10
  12. Typical Dutch windmills. I’m over it. Hehe joke! Shot in De Zaanse Schans, the Netherlands12.JPG
  13. Another one of Paris’ many charms… Used bookstores along the Seine! Like many things in Paris, they’re so cute but expensive as fuck. Free to take photos though! Shot in Paris, France13

I am still trying to find the words to describe my whirlwind European trip, so in the meantime I hope my photos speak for themselves. I hope your travels fill your life with as much warmth and colour as it did mine. Tot ziens, Europe!

Chili spent the earlier half of 2016 broke in Europe. At this point, you can ask her anything about her adventures, from how to talk to ~cold Scandinavians to how to backpack around Europe on a student budget. Just don’t steal her photographs.


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