The Empress

It’s an unusually hot Monday, and the shoot is all about glitter and color. We told our cover girl that it was her time to shine (quite literally). It’s only once you’re on the cover of the magazine—if she wanted or needed anything, she’s the star who had the authority to boss us around today. She contemplates on this smiling, and jokingly bemoans the focus on the “herpes of the design world”, glitter. We’re off to the first location.

Two hours later, she’s still dunking her hand in a bag of glitter. (I would like to think she said she hated us for making her do this, with the utmost affection.) Despite being covered in glitter, glue and sunlight, she instantly smizes when the camera is pointed at her. Her shoot, in a nutshell, is a downright pak ganern experience. We told her she was a star today, and she really was—brimming with a refreshing sincerity and shining with determination. Ana is our star of Ecosoc Month. Watch her shine.


Video by Dani Gonzales


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