Film Photo Series III: by Jessica Olaivar

PHOTOS 1-4: C: Lomography La Sardina F: Fujifilm Superia 200

1: From the very first roll of film I shot. This is a double exposure of Alyssa (also an Ecosoc alumna for all you new members and apps) and the Acad Oval. 2014


2:  a random afternoon in Eastwood. 2015


3: View from the Tokyo Tower. This photo looks like it came from a dream and I love it. 2015


4: Autumn in Tokyo. 2015


PHOTOS 5-15: C: Pentax ME, SMC-Pentax f/1.4

5: This photo wasn’t supposed to look nice (I can’t explain why without getting too technical) but it did. And I learned how to trust my camera ever since. (F: Kodak Colorplus 200) 2016


6: mga bata sa Quezon Hall (F: Fujifilm Superia 200) 2016


7: hopia, mani, popcorn (F: Fujifilm Superia 200) 2016


8: The only good thing about being up early is you get to take pictures during the golden hour. Taken while waiting for a 7 AM flight. (F: Fujifilm Superia 200) 2016


9: Kyung Hee University’s library, taken during my trip to Korea with Alyss (F: Kodak Colorplus 200) 2016


10: Lisa and Alyss. Lisa was also in our tour in Korea. She’s Russian and she loves Instagram, shopping and smoothies. (F: Kodak Colorplus 200) 2016


11: Alyss clad in hanbok (F: Agfa Vista Plus 400) 2016


12: Photo wall ni Rizal (F: Kodak Colorplus 200) 2016


13: Guardia civil sa Fort Santiago (F: Kodak Colorplus 200) 2016


14: One of my most favorite photos, though I kinda feel bad taking it because the hat seller is asleep. (F: Kodak Colorplus 200) 2016




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