Vive Le Vim

BGC is annoyingly hot and humid on the day of our November cover shoot, and the fact that we’re plunging right into hell week merely intensifies the urge to stay in bed and escape reality. But Vim Gayutin is ready, and by that I mean he’s got Sel Yao lugging around his maleta full of clothes everywhere we go and me handing him different shades of lipstick from the other side of the men’s bathroom at Fully Booked. His eagerness and effortless model disposition are what drive the team to keep going—walking around BGC to avoid paying for parking and helping him change outfits in secluded pockets of the city. Passersby stop and stare as this boy wonder with bright eyeshadow poses and turns mundane murals into masterpieces. Even people from the other side of the road are compelled to look, probably wondering, “Who is this guy?”

To view the entire Echoes November 2016 issue, click here.

Words by Bianca Rañola
Video shot and edited by Anton Castillo


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