Letters to My Ecosoc Crush

DSCF4716.jpgPhoto: Benju Evardone

On this joyous(?) day, we give you a small compilation of letters, in the hopes of spreading a little bit of love.

xoxo, Echoes

Ice cream tayo? 🙂

Vikings, Fin 59B

i LIKE your smile. a lot
you WOW me with your passion (and literally everything you are)
i can’t help but laugh like a fucking fool, HAHA
every time you say something stupid (which is all the time)
i get ANGRY because i’m annoyingly even stupider when i’m with you
it’s SAD i’m so hopeless

but whatever! ! ! ! ! ! : )

still, you
are LOVE reax personified (≧◡≦)
thx for being ü

fb user

Tiyak na di ko malilimutan
ang araw na nakita ko sa listahan
ang pangalan mo sa ilalim na committee ko
Grabe ang tibok ng aking puso
di makapaniwala sa kapalarang ito

Naisip ko ang mga araw na tayo’y magsasama
Na aking mapagmamasdan ang iyong mapungay na mata
Na makita ang iyong kutis na mala-caramel ngunit amoy mocha
Ano mang deliverables, sponsorship letter, utos o pang-aalipin
basta ikaw ang kasama, lahat to ay buong pusong dadanasin

Pero ano na lang ang iisipin ng iba sa ating paglalandian
Na nabihag lang kita dahil sa aking kapangyarihan
Kaya wag na lang, alang alang sa ating one way na pagmamahalan
Di bale, kahit officer kita sa committee ko
ikaw pa rin lagi ang magiging director ng aking puso


I don’t know if the feeling is mutual. Neither have confessed, or are willing to confess. Not once have our genuine feelings popped into our conversations. Yet, the night when we held hands, even for just a while, everything was stardust. I wonder where this will lead us. I wonder where we’ll go after this. I wonder when.

-That Guy

On most days it is painful – I experience actual, physical pain – to see you from afar. I find myself wondering where you’ve been, how you’ve been. And then I stop. Because it gets even more painful, knowing you have no idea how much I care.


I don’t know how to stop liking you, but I think it’s finally time I learn. It won’t come easy, and it won’t come soon, but I’ll get there.

No one’s at fault, I know that. But I spoke and thought unfairly of you in the hopes of directing my anger at something. Anything. It was easier to cope if I blamed someone. I hope you forgive me.


will this just hurt me or will it turn into something more? really hoping for the latter :(

SHY, Echoes, 59B



Red Monteverde,

We met in high school senior year in an interscholastic event and I instantly fell for you, even if you’re so quiet. When UPCAT results came out I looked for your name first. I felt so happy that you passed. We casually have small talks in campus and I treasure each minute talking to you. I always think about you like how you’re doing in class, if you’re okay, if you’re happy, i don’t know but you just make me happy, and when i know you’re happy I become happy too. I always want to talk to you but I’m scared that you might get annoyed or something but I hope we become closer this year. I wanted to tell you that I like you but I’m afraid you’ll say no and go away from me, something I don’t want to risk. I try my best to contain myself when I’m with you so you won’t notice me liking you, but I just become so happy with you something I don’t feel with other people. I honestly don’t want to come to class anymore but when I when I remember you, I get inspired to work hard and do my best, which includes getting up and going to class. If you need anything I’ll be here and I’ll be here to support you in anything that you do. I know you can do a lot and I believe in you.

Palma Hall


20170624-DSCF7336.jpgPhoto: Benju Evardone

dear (******* ends with ruiz)
you fill my day with feliz
like chicken and cheese

hope this makes you smile
crushin on you for a while
hmmmm, you make me smile

nobody else knows
not one friend, nor a foe
that my like for you still grows

happy v-day.
everybody loves chika and everybody loves a mystery.
pero dis happy crush is true. no fake news.

p.s. will only admit this to *********** if *********** asks me in person. or maybe not. it may just end up being one of Ecosoc’s greatest mysteries.

p.s.s. also alam ko this may apply to 2 people. I am very sorry kung napa-asa yung isa

p.p.s. di ko na ipauubaya sa hangin ang bulong ng aking damdamin, ipauubaya ko na lang sa problem solving skills ni boi, haha

*******’s orgmate

i don’t care if i see you for just five minutes,
sometimes it’s enough to have just two
because fuck it, i’m crazy
my world stops when i look at you


Alam mo mahal pa rin kita
kahit sinabi mo nang stop na
kahit meron ka nang iba
kahit mata ko’y pigang piga
Kahit mukha na akong tanga
Pero mas mahal ko ang sarili ko
Kaya heto ako, pipigilin ang pagmamahal sayo


Hi Joel Licup!

Please don’t feel pressured. I’m willing to wait even if you’d never end up liking me back. I like how we’re already friends now, but I like you more HAHA ano raw chz

dry, drier, driest

Dear Jennus,

Kahit sobrang sabog mong kasama, sobrang underrated din ang pagka-papi mo. Seriously. Actually, shave mo lang yung bigote mo and you would be the personification of gorgeous.

Quiet Girl

Dear ann,


Not mari, CDC, 58B

HEY JEM I dunno why it’s so easy for me to be magnetized to you, you’re probably this fun to be around with everyone, but sometimes mid-laughter I get this feeling. Not sure what it is, but it’s there. It’s tiny, but it’s there.

Sayang hindi ako Chinese

Dear Klauds,

I remember first seeing you in Fil 40 in First Year, and I thought you were really cüte. I was still really torpe, so I never talked to you, but rather, admired you from afar.

It is now second year, second sem. I still think you’re really cute, but we now are quite good friends. I’d take you out on a date but I’m very shy. Maybe on the 14th I’ll ask you out?


banaag, a, memcomm

cute mo Jose. I volunteer to fulfill ur new years resolution. Amen

-sadreax taas ng demand

Dear Jem,

Ako’y gigising na
Sa panaginip kong ito
At sa wakas ay kusang lalayo sa iyo

Gaano kabilis nag simula
Gano’n katulin nawala

-Acad nga ba?


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