Getting My Horns

Yanna’s tattoo


There are only a few things in this world that I am sure of. I’m sure that my parents love me, that the world is round, and that Kanye West is a genius (to name a few). Other than that, I generally have a hard time being truly sure about things. I also have a bad habit of never being able to finish things, whether it be a meal or an unfinished poem or that pile of books sitting next to my bed. In addition, I am an A+ flaker. If we make plans to go out, don’t be surprised if I end up ditching to sleep at home. So how in the world then did someone as fickle with me decide to get a permanent tattoo?


To find out why Yanna Potenciano decided to get a tattoo, subscribe to Echoes.

Releasing on April 16.


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