General Plan of Action

Building on previous successes and improving on start-up projects 

Let us build on what good the Academic Affairs Committee made this year. Just this August, the Acad partnered with the SESC in creating probably the most successful and most „national‟ National Youth Congress yet. Earlier this semester, Acad created its first ever academic symposium that catered to its internal members, entitled “Taking Out the PRO in PROcrastination.” Acad also started an electives primer project this semester. Two semesters ago, the Academic Calendar was conceived of and created. A lot of these new, interesting projects have unrealized potential. The longstanding ones still have room for growth.

This coming year, Acad must focus more on improving what projects are already present in the committee and work on making them more relevant to the members of the society. It should expand on the existing electives primer, incorporating several new and interesting features into it to make it more unique than any other and to make it more practical for its users. It must also continue to provide both internal and external Academic Symposia, making sure they are relatable to the intended audience. Acad should also make the Academic Calendar more relevant by integrating it with expanded core services, the one service the committee must focus on the most.

Expanding academic services offered to promote academic excellence (returning to our roots) 

This organization was founded as an honour society. While we have come a long way and have already become quite an established organization, we must not forget that as students of this School, we must still uphold academic excellence even when we are busy with work in the organization. In fact, the institution of the Academic Affairs Committee is to remind us of this academic responsibility.

In achieving its primary purpose next semester, Acad will create a dedicated academic services team to accommodate the academic needs of the organization‟s members, most especially the ones taking basic economics courses and those who are having trouble with their grades (my stand is that those who are inactive because of grade problems should be able to avail of Acad services). This committee will provide this specialized service by taking the initiative to offer tutorials and apt review materials, making good use of specifics listed in the Academic Calendar. This team will also continually remind and encourage the society to review and study well for their exams when they need it the most.

Also, to address the gap in academic services offered, Acad will embark on a partnership with the Council’s EdRes Committee in sharing review and tutoring materials to expand on what the committee can offer right now. Just to be transparent, this planned partnership involves an almost complete sharing of sample exam databases and tutors between the two parties. While this may raise some heads, I hold firm that this will only benefit us in the long run. This sharing will allow Acad, EdRes, and hopefully the rest of the members of the Academic Alliance to offer better and more tutorial services since pooling of resources will be possible.

On returning and re-establishing old projects of Acad 

More than a year ago, the Community Development Committee together with the Academic Affairs Committee instituted the ACDC project, a two-committee effort to mentor selected grade school students around the UP area for a semester. This coming year, it will be Acad‟s goal to reinstitute this project with the CDC and make it a more pleasant experience for the young kids by hopefully assigning permanent volunteers to mentor the kids through one semester (for continuity purposes).

Also more than a year ago, the Academic Affairs Committee re-launched the Acad Website, a one-stop place for everything you want to know and want to get from Acad. Next semester, Acad will work again on making this website available again for everyone‟s use. Re-working this website will definitely take a lot of time, but once all the work is done, we hope to make this one last.

Promoting togetherness in the Society through partnerships with other committees 

Conscious of the need for the organization to grow closer as an entity, Acad would like to promote inter-committee project partnerships within the organization. Aside from the planned ACDC partnership with the CDC, Acad plans to once again partner with the External Affairs Committee in creating the annual UPFront, the biggest university elections forum in the campus. Aside from that, we also seek to work with Externals and Echoes to create the 2013 Senatoriables Forum, a senate candidates‟ elections forum to be held inside the university. Also, recognizing our socio-civic responsibilities to our scholars, Acad will also start a scholar mentoring program through a partnership with the Scholarship Committee. It will be basically a year-long effort to guide Ecosoc‟s scholars in their studies and to give them advanced courses suited to their interests. We hope that through worthwhile partnership projects such as these, we may feel closer to each other inside the society, especially since we are about to mark our organization‟s 55th anniversary.

Creating opportunities for growth inside the committee for longevity 

Creating events and services for others should not be our only goals in the Academic Affairs Committee. We must also take into consideration the “insiders” in Acad. Acad must also take care of its own members by giving them opportunities to grow and opportunities to expand their skills in the committee. After all, it is the goal of every committee to empower its members.

In order to achieve this, Acad will have specialized teams working on its different major projects (academic services, symposia, and inter-committee projects) with the goal of minimizing overlapping responsibilities for its members in the coming semesters. By giving members more specific assignments we hope they come to enjoy the challenge of (they will have their own “baby projects” under their specialized teams), we hope to encourage each Acad member to focus and perform his best in the given task.

Neil Adrian Ong

BS Business Economics
High School: Saint Jude Catholic School
GWA: 1.25 – 1.5
Ecosoc Age: 4 semesters

Ecosoc Leadership Experience:

• National Youth Congress Programs Director (1st Sem AY ’12-’13)
• Academic Affairs Committee Vice Chairperson (2nd Sem AY ’11-’12)
• National Youth Congress Logistics Director (1st Sem AY ’11-’12)

Other Experiences/Affiliations:

• Registration Coordinator, School of Economics Registration Volunteer Corps


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