General Plan of Action


  • Plan the theme and layout of each issue down to the last detail in advance (so that I can sleep well at night)
  • Centralize the photo editing process because if we don’t, we’ll get unflattering FB photos of you
  • Get you to write for Culture and Features, so you actually read Echoes for what you wrote!
  • Teach another function (layout, pub-making, etc) to each member so that there will be complete functionality in case the original member for the function becomes indisposed.


  • Revitalized subscription process that ensures that all subscribers get their copy (I don’t want to get sued, okay)
  • Massive advertising for each release (Remember Janna Ong’s photoshoot video? Something like that, but probably not as classy)
  • Rebuild Echoes TV so that we can watch funny people we actually know in real life do the same thing they do when we’re around them
  • Livelier website, with regular updates and more memes


  • More Ecosoc-centered Echoes that tackles major issues like where did the Baroque Jar go?
  • Didn’t get to read about Metro Thursdays in Echoes? We’ll make sure no fad or trend will be left out next time! (If there’s space and money, of course)
  • Unabridged and unbiased journalism, sort of like what Philippine Media’s supposed to be
  • Have continuation with regards the current style and format of Echoes, ‘cause we kinda like it that way

Federico Gerard “Derek” Parreñas

BS Economics
High School: PAREF Southridge School
GWA: 1.75 – 2.0
Ecosoc Age: 2 semesters

Ecosoc Leadership Experience:

  • Echoes Associate Editor (1st Sem AY ’12-’13)
  • Echoes Features Editor (2nd Sem AY ’11-’12)
  • Task Force Marketing Officer (2nd Sem AY ’11-’12)

Other Experiences/Affiliations:

  • None

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