General Plan of Action

Foster a stronger and deeper relationship with Alumni and Instill the unending Ecosoc spirit

Alumni Relations has been Liaison’s function since then and the past administrations started out good foundations in rebuilding relationships with the alumni. This time I plan to use a ladderized approach that can make the bond of Ecosoc with alumni stronger and more personal.

  • Upgrade alumni reach through a more updated and complete alumni database.
  • Strengthen alumni relations using social media. Continue alumni birthday greetings and alumni “pakulo”. Pioneer “Alumni’s Digest”, an online publication, that will feature news, articles, stories or information more relevant to Alumni
  • Increase alumni involvement in Ecosoc’s move towards excellence as we invite them to be resource speakers of different Ecosoc events
  • Enhance alumni encounters or meetings by incorporating quality dinner events
  • Continue the socio-civic spirit with bigger and more active semestral CDCs with Alumni
  • Conduct “Alumni Talk” as alumni of different decades share to the applicants and members, what is Ecosoc like before and what Ecosoc made them into.
  • Make the 55th Year Ecosoc Alumni Homecoming, the grandest alumni event that caters to the different alumni batches.

Enliven the career function of Liaison

Career and placement service, in constitution, is a function of the Liaison committee. I view the members of the organization as potential assets that can be enhanced with proper skills training and career guidance. I plan to make the members enjoy the privilege Ecosoc helping them in sorting their careers and helping them achieve their careers.

  • Invite companies/organizations of different fields to hold career talks
  • Coordinate with different business organizations and utilize alumni in having career exposure trips for the members
  • Provide more comprehensive Career Bulletins that will give new graduates and internship candidates more career avenues
  • Have a compilation of the resumes of the juniors and graduating students of the organization that will serve as an asset of our organization and be distributed to our organization partners

Reinforce Marketing Efforts and Cultivate a good Ecosoc Brand in the Corporate World

Corporate Relations is still a new area for Ecosoc to explore and as an organization that aims for longer reach, the corporate world is one of our targets. I plan to build a strong base for this area and make Liaison a body for holistic progress in the organization’s marketing functions.

  • Establish the marketing arm of the Liaison as a marketing solutions entity that will aid Ecosoc in its different corporate relations undertakings.
  • Campaign for a “Rebranding” Movement to improve Ecosoc’s image on corporate relations
  • Provide basic marketing kits for the marketing teams. Create a unified company database and primer for Ecosoc to use in its marketing activities
  • Augment marketing activities by having better mileages for corporate partners
  • Partner with the Externals Committee Public Relations arm in having a promotional event for Ecosoc that reaches to potential corporate sponsors
  • Have the first Marketing Bash for different business organizations get to know Ecosoc and for Ecosoc to market itself to business organizations
  • Expand Ecosoc Privilege Card for members to enjoy more perks for having one.

Enhance the Liaison Committee internally

Members of the Liaison Committee are the ones who will put the vision of Liaison into reality. Their experience in the committee should also be considered. It has been my mission since I want to make Liaison, the fierce committee with active members not only performing functions as Liai members but as members of Ecosoc.

  • Hold different fundraisers for a better Liaison Committee financial status.
  • Use a project-based structure to boost members’ sense of responsibility.
  • Empower members to make them feel motivated.
  • Train members with the help of very experienced people in the fields of alumni relations and corporate relations.
  • Have Team-building activities to make the members of the committee be one in carrying out its functions and in participating in other committees’ events.

Rammarius Markus “Ramm” Advincula

BS Business Economics
High School: San Beda College Rizal
GWA: 1.75 – 2.0
Ecosoc Age: 1 semester

Ecosoc Leadership Experience:

• Liaison Committee Vice Chairperson (1st Sem AY ’12-’13)
• Task Force Committee Sales Officer (1st Sem AY ’12-’13)

Other Experiences/Affiliations:

• Member, Auxiliary Corps, UP School of Economics Student Council


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