General Plan of Action

Where we are

For 54 years, Ecosoc has taken pride in her socio-civic duty where she has reached out to members of nearby communities, of our university and most especially of our country. The problem however is that most of the membership finds difficulty identifying with the socio-civic nature or at least even accomplishing the socio-civic requirements. This is evident not only in our CDCs but also in the diversity of our events that hold little connection to the socio-civic.

The problem therefore is that we have lost our identity as an organization, and because of this we lose our sense of direction and we forget the very motivation that pushes us to serve.

The remedy to this problem requires our going back to the basics of improving the membership and enhancing our committee structures. By identifying our unique purpose as an org, we will be able to improve our current efforts and expand our reach in all our activities.


The membership must be directed towards the vision that “we build people who build people”. Perfectly in line with our three thrusts of Service, Excellence and Tradition, we are able to put more value to this by identifying with this vision. Be it in the socio-civic, the creative or in the events that we hold, we are able to direct all our efforts toward this one common goal.

This will be done throughout the year by emphasizing on the following three points:

1. Building the membership foundation

Before improving the quality of our external events, I believe that we have to first focus on improving the quality of our membership.

  • Boosting membership morale – Currently, membership morale is low evident in the lack of support from members for all the org-related activities. We can reinvigorate morale by focusing efforts on holding amazingly well executed internal events dedicated to bringing the membership together. This will be in coordination with the Membership Committee and the Special Events Committee geared towards reaching out to all members of Ecosoc.
  • Tightening the application process – I believe that our strength is not in our numbers, but in the quality of our members. With the help of the Membership Committee, we will need a stricter app process so as to filter out applicants who could become future liabilities. It is in this way that we can guarantee the future success for our org.
  • Lessening the frequency of Genmeets – Holding weekly Genmeets is counterproductive to members as it takes up the valuable time that could be used to more fulfilling ends. In fact, it is more efficient to disperse announcements in the regular Commeets. In this light, the Executive Committee should push for Genmeets to be held at least once a month and in dire times of need to bring the membership together.
  • Continuity – Members of the org constantly suffer from a lack of year-to-year continuity evidenced in the annual events that we hold. The Executive Committee will push for all committee heads to keep the future of the org in mind by training the future successors and by handing down relevant documents so as to avoid having to start from scratch.

2. Committee re-structuring

  • Centralization of functions – As it is, committees have served to become inefficient as to their functions in the org. Committees cannot perform well if they have to raise their own money, and create their own publicity materials while having to focus on their primary committee functions.
  • Building sub-committee structures – What the org suffers from now is the lack of definite roles and positions for each and every member of the org. Sub-committee structures according to the functions of each committee should be put in place to increase the overall efficiency of work.
  • Forming Ecosoc Month and Task Force as independent committees – Members can no longer afford to be part of two committees because of the inevitable clash of priorities. It is detrimental not only to the well being of the members, but also to the committees involved. In this way, members will be more dedicated to the needs of their respective committees.

3. Expanding our reach

  • Sustainable CDC Projects – As one of the new and bigger projects that the org should pursue, we must increase the efforts of CDC by initiating a sem-long event that aims to answer to the immediate needs (basic lighting system, pollution reduction etc.) of a chosen community. This project will aim to give members a sense of service to society by immersing them in the said communities and by achieving a more sustainable solution for the problems of the communities we reach out to.
  • Forming the Alumni Association – Our alumni is a very important yet untapped market in helping us solve our financial problems. An alumni association must be formed not only for our financial needs, but to serve as an avenue for them to see what the org is doing and hopefully help in whatever way possible.
  • Scholars – Soon our current scholars will graduate and so a new set of scholars will have to be drafted. The org must pursue this whole-heartedly as our scholarship program is one of the most tangible proofs of our contribution to society. Because of this, increasing the number of our scholars from 4 to 10 and paying not only for their allowance but for their full tuitions would be a step towards putting emphasis on our scholarship program.

Josémaria Gabriel “GJ” Agregado

BS Economics
High School: PAREF Southridge School
GWA: 1.25 – 1.5
Ecosoc Age: 1 semester

Ecosoc Leadership Experience:

  • Ecosoc Month Publicity Assistant Director (1st Sem AY ’12-’13)
  • Echoes Photo-Editor (1st Sem AY ’12-’13)
  • Outstanding Applicant (2nd Sem AY ’11-’12)
  • Applicant Head (2nd Sem (AY ’11-’12)

Other Experiences/Affiliations:

  • Nestlé Marketing Intern (Summer 2012)
  • Exchange Participant Manager, AIESEC University of the Philippines-Diliman
  • Exchange Marketing Officer, AIESEC University of the Philippines Diliman
  • Graphics Editor, Sidhi
  • Marshal, School of Economics Registration Volunteer Corps

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