General Plan of Action

Vision for Ecosoc

1. Unite the members
2. Increase the number of scholars because, I believe, that this is the way we can measure the success of Ecosoc)
3. Lessen number of events but drastically increase the quality

Plans as Secretary

1. Keeping Records [based on section 3 of constitution]

  • Digital archive-collection of photos and minutes [genmeets, comm news]
  • Hard copy of the minutes will also be available on the ecosoc board for the mems to see
  • Photos shall be stored in CDS as well

Plans for Seccom MAJOR GOALS [goals to be met before moving one to others]

2. Make the Seccom the Pub arm of ecosoc

Other goals:

1. Make Ecosoc an environmentally friendly organization
2. Sparkle Club to provide lessons for basic prodwork and other art related matters (i.e. papier mache, soldering, Photoshop, photography etc.)

Tambayan maintenance [Small Proj.]

1) Sofa Covers
2) Fix all cards by providing a proper card holder
3) Bags area (under chairs?)(hang on walls? A wall of bags)
4) Organize the tambayan(to the point where every member will know where to find what he /she needs)
5) Fans [wall fans]
6) Windows [fix them]
7) Lost & found
8) Collection of prod materials [art materials] [lazy by will be locked and each execom will have a key [inventory of prod stuff]
9) Labeling of Ecosoc stuff

1) Cleaning “Bell” when rung everyone will stop what they’re doing & help clean the tambayan

1) Sustainable way of keeping the tambayan clean
2) Get members closer together by not discriminating which committee will clean
3) One way to show that we are grateful for free room that SE gave us


1. The tambayan is divided into 4 rentspace, execom table, card table, sofa/ tv area
2. Anyone [execom, VC, mem] can ring the bell
3. Upon hearing the bell members in each specific area will stop what they’re doing and help pick things up
4. With at least 3 people in each section cleaning time will be really easy at most 5 mins of cleaning


1) Unites members (makes us feel like 1 big org rather than 12 small ones)
2) Groups members in to one area (allows for better info dissemination
3) Allows for mems to appreciate the tambayan more
4) More hygienic
5) Cooler since air will flow more
6) No cats and other pests
7) More organized materials
8) Less loss of materials

Needs Public Approval

Bring UP in general meet ask for people’s opinion. This way we will have the whole ecosoc agree

2. Rent Space à Adhoc, CDC, TF, Fin have permanent space


1) Keep all x deals med and props in one area


1. CDC will have plastic containers
2. Committees who are currently occupying the are required to clean their space


1. Reduction in wasted/lost xdeals and medicines
2. Allow for more space for mems to move

3. A centralized publicity arm for Ecosoc


1. show the identity of ecosoc through the pub materials
2. A more cohesive set of of events
3. Be able to show other events by Ecosoc (allows for other people to anticipate other major ecosoc events)


1. Head will come from committee in charge of events
2. A seccom artist will draw on paper to the liking of the event head
3. All digital work will be done by seccom mems.
4. If props are needed planning how to make by seccom and event head. Labor: seccom + all mems. (including head committee & other committees)


1. Unites members (makes us feel like 1 big org rather than 12 small ones)
2. Allow for ecosoc to have one look that will scream ecosoc even before they see any detail of the poster. (through: a specific color palette, proper ecosoc logo placement)
3. Because seccom is just one committee it will take time to create pubmats. This will allow committees to able to space events properly which will allow us to lessen the number of evens and increase the quality

Arsenio José “Ars” Lukban

BS Economics
High School: Xavier School
GWA: 1.75 – 2.0
Ecosoc Age: 4 semesters

Ecosoc Leadership Experience:

  • Secretariat Committee Vice Chairperson (2nd Sem AY ’11-’12)
  • Externals Committee Vice Chairperson (1st Sem AY ’11-’12)

Other Experiences/Affiliations:

  • Recognized for notable service and innovation in answering environmental and waste management concerns of the UPSE


See also:

Yasmin Sehob


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