General Plan of Action


Foster the membership through furthering the quality of projects and services to live up to the organization’s thrusts.


Increased activity and welfare of members through the mission.


  • Aim for a tambayan makeover through necessary furniture/appliance replacement or repair.
  • Regularize general cleanings to maintain the cleanliness.
  • Incentivize the cleaning system to encourage members to care for our own home.


  • Hold weekly art workshops to hone the talents and cater the interests of the members; or art appreciation clubs to strengthen the bond among Ecosocers.
  • Regularly inform members of art events and exhibits to raise arts awareness.


  • Update members weekly of Ecosoc happenings through the online mail bulletin and the bulletin board.
  • Release summaries of both Execom and general meetings monthly for transparency.
  • Compile all word and photo documents of all Ecosoc events semestrally.


  • Upgrade the quality of staple Seccom services such as logbooks, sigsheets, lockers, and birthday greetings.
  • Craft grander semestral galleries, RnR booths, and theme boards to exhibit excellence.

Yasmin Zarah Sehob

BS Business Economics
High School: Philippine High School for the Arts
GWA: –
Ecosoc Age: 4 semesters

Ecosoc Leadership Experience:

  • Secretariat Committee Vice Chairperson (2nd Sem AY ’11-’12, 1st Sem AY ’12-’13)
  • Task Force Logistics Officer (2nd Sem AY ’11-’12)
  • Task Force Assistant Director for Logistics (1st Sem AY ’11-’12)

Other Experiences/Affiliations:

  • Sales and Finance Director, Junior Social Scientists’ Conference of the Philippines
  • Communications Staff, UP Career Assistance Program


See also:

Arsenio Lukban


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