General Plan of Action


The Sports Committee will serve as EcoSoc’s Fuel for Energy and Dynamism. As an internal committee, it will be focused on organizing member-oriented events in partnership with the other internal committees. It will serve as a vehicle for the members to have camaraderie, friendship, and teamwork.It will hold events and projects that will fuel up the organization’s passion to perform better through Sports amidst all their academic stress.

Moreover, the committee will help members to conquer their doubts/hesitations in joining sports activities. Lastly, it will establish a sense of in-group pride to boost up the morale of its members.


As an internal committee, the Sports Committee will provide activities that prioritize the welfare and internal relations of the members. Together with its co-internal committees, Memcom and Spev, the committee will strive to provide its members with the best internal and member-oriented activities.

  • Members Bersus Applicants This event will promote sports camaraderie among members and applicants through various sports events and exciting games. A major goal of this event is to increase active member participation. Relay games will be added, so that more members and applicants will have the chance to actively participate.
  • Sports Cup Sports Cup teams will be formed early in the semester, allowing these teams to compete in mini games before the actual day of the sports games. These mini games will be held at the tambayan weekly, and will allow more members to come together and actively participate in the event.
  • Run for 55 This is an EcoSoc Month event that will celebrate the organization’s 55 years. It will be a visual celebration of EcoSoc’s fulfillment of Service, Excellence, and Tradition throughout the years.


There will be available opportunities for each EcoSocer to explore his/her athletic side. These steps will help EcoSocers realize that sports are not as intimidating as they seem. EcoSocers will also be given the opportunity to show their love for EcoSoc by representing the organization through sports.

  • Sports Workshops Sports workshops will introduce members to different sports that they haven’t tried out yet. A main challenge for EcoSoc is finding willing members to play for the different sports tournaments, and these sports workshops would encourage more members to play. Prior to each tournament that EcoSoc joins, there will be training sessions and practice games to allow members to have growth in sports through training sessions and practice games.


This is a set of projects that are dedicated to keeping EcoSocers fit, healthy and happy. Engaging in health and fitness activities is much more fun when you have other EcoSocers by your side.

  • Fitness Trivia Health trivia and sports trivia will be displayed in the tambayan. This will help us to keep track of our physical well-being.
  • Thursday Jogging Sessions Ecosocers regularly come together at a specific day(s) and time of the week and jog around the academic oval. This will give members and even applicants time for both fitness and bonding.


Sports CDC

  • Mini-Sports Workshops for Kids This is an event filled with games and activities promoting health and fitness for children. These activities will introduce children to different sports through mini versions of these sports (in the form of relay games and mini-activities) that incorporate these sports.
  • Donation drive for sports shoes/clothes/equipment Knowing how much sports can affect people’s lives, it is important for us to have more socio-civic sports events. The Sports Committee can become a vehicle for service. Being members of a socio-civic organization calls us to keep on finding ways to reach out to other people. In the spirit of Service, donations such as sports clothes, shoes, and equipment will be donated to a group of youth to promote sports consciousness among them.

Inter-Organization Tournaments

Since there will be sports workshops and training sessions before tournaments, more members will join these tournaments (Frisbee, Slo-pitch, JPES Sportsfest, etc). These events will allow members to have fun, and to instill camaraderie, respect, and unity among themselves. We have been excelling in usual tournaments for the past years (1st runner up for Slo-pitch and Frisbee), and it is in our hands to keep that prestige.

Traditional Games 

  • Battle Royale Battle Royale will encourage members and applicants to have fun, get to know each other, and be creative as they participate in this highly competitive event. Incentives will be added in the game. This event will promote the good sportsmanship, friendship, and respect among the members and applicants.
  • Bridge Tournament Bridge is a traditional game that you would always see being played by members and applicants in the tambayan. In this tournament, we will find out who the best bridge players are in the organization. In the process, the tournament will strengthen the bond and interaction among members.

Maria Vera Tensuan

BS Economics
High School: De La Salle Santiago Zobel School
GWA: 1.75 – 2.0
Ecosoc Age: 1 semester

Ecosoc Leadership Experience:

  • Sports Committee Vice Chairperson (1st Sem AY ’12-’13)
  • Task Force Creatives Officer (1st Sem AY ’12-’12)

Other Experiences/Affiliations:

  • Communications Officer, UP Career Assistance Program

See also:

Jed Daval-Santos

Tracy Miranda


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