Q and A with the Candidates


1. What can you consider as the previous administration’s greatest achievement and fault?
2. How relevant is Ecosoc to the UP community and to society?

As an individual

3. Rate your performance as a member during your whole stay as an Ecosocer (1-lowest, 10-highest) and explain.
4. What were your biggest Ecosoc-related mistakes?
5. A unique selling proposition or USP is a proposition to the consumer. Not just words, not just product puffery, not just show-window advertising. It must be unique and specific, one the competition either cannot, or does not, offer. What will be your USP?
6. If elected, what will be your biggest contribution to this organization?

Queennie Mindanao

1. The greatest fault of the past administration is the inefficient fundraising projects last semester that instead of generating profit lead to deficit. If these projects turned out to be successful, I believe that the committees would not arrive with idea of borrowing from the ESSF. In fact some of these committees are not yet done paying their debt. On the other hand, the execom learned from their mistakes and managed to lead the organization in organizing well-planned projects that result to favourable outcome and I believe this is their greatest achievement.

2. Ecosoc is one of the organizations that strive to be excellent not just on the basis of event attendance but also on the evaluation of the public. With its projects like UPFront, NES and NYC, it provides a venue where students to apply the things they’ve learned inside the classroom. And with CDC and Task Force, the organization caters the public a better understanding of what happens in the real world and gives opportunity to improve the lives of others.

3. I am giving myself a 9. I started as a “probi mem”. I only went to the tambayan during commeets and genmeets and I seldom show up to events outside my home committee. But the following semester, I joined task force and realized that more than the hassle of attending the events, the happiness I felt after organizing an event that benefits not only the society but also others (scholars and high school students) is priceless. I fall madly in love with external relations and applied as VC. This semester, I tried other joining other departments such as logistics and programs of projects like NES and NYC. I also continue to be part of TF. My attendance on events improved. And although there are events that I missed, I believe that my dedication and performance outweighs my absences.

4. The side of me that turns into a monster when I have a project such as NES and NYC. In every event I organize, I always give my 200%, that’s why I get irritated easily when something is wrong or when I see someone who neglects his/her duties and as an initial reaction, I confront that person right away. I believe that this is the reason why members and applicants find me scary. Also, I think that because I don’t attend some of the events of our organization which makes me difficult to appreciate/understand their importance.

5. Experience. Honestly, I don’t believe that Ecosoc age is an issue in pursuing a higher position in our organization. But in my case, loving Ecosoc comes in a gradual manner. Since I was an applicant, I was with Externals. At first, I find it a very work-oriented to the point that you would get tired but as time passes by I enjoyed the task as well as the company of people, which makes me choose to be part of the same committee for 5 semesters. I have seen the highs and lows of the Externals and I believe that no one knows better on what to keep and what to change in the committee.

6. Provide the public a btter understanding of UP Economics Society.

Brian Cruz

1. I respect the Execom’s fortitude since they were really placed in a hard position from the get go. When they assumed office, Ecosoc wasn’t really in the best financial position and there were already a lot of people questioning their abilities from the start. I feel that they really wanted to prove people that they deserved to be Execom that they somewhat lost sight of the important issues we needed to address as an organization. We saw several ambitious projects lose money and generally, a lack accountability that really brought us down last semester. This semester, they’ve really improved. I think their greatest achievement will be really letting Ecosoc take the first step to admit what is wrong and forcing us to take time to think how we can improve and address some of our current problems. Their greatest failure will be perhaps not fully addressing the important issues such as growing apathy of members, financial situation of the org, etc.

2. I think Ecosoc is really relevant to UP and to society as a whole since we pride ourselves not only in being aware of the current issues and problems of society, but we also actively try to address those issues especially with our socio-civic endeavors. One thing that I believe really sets Ecosoc apart is that we have members who are really passionate about what our organization does and stands for. I think that is exactly what UP advocates and what society needs. People who are passionate about what they believe in and what they stand for and are not afraid to confront these issues head on and strive to make a positive impact on society. Ecosoc gives an avenue to really make a difference in society.

3. I would give myself an 8 because I really feel that I’ve done my very best for Finance and Ecosoc. From being an active member to a VC, I believe that my time in Ecosoc has really made me grow as a person and I feel all the work I’ve done in Finance has made a positive impact for this organization. Not all the endeavors of Finance were successful, and although I believe we’ve improved this semester, there is still a fairly long way to go. I believe I could have done a better job really to ensure Finance was able to provide majority of the funds for the committees, and I really saw that most of the committees and the org as whole
were not able to function to the fullest of its capabilities because of a lack of funds. As a VC and part of Finance for my entire Ecosoc life, I am really saddened by the fact that money has been a big issue for Ecosoc as a whole. I feel really passionate about what Finance does for the org and what Ecosoc does. I feel the call to improve myself and help Finance find a solution to Ecosoc’s money problems since our current monetary problems extend far beyond the bank account but also affect how Ecosoc is able to pursue its objectives and thrusts.

4. I just feel that I should have pushed for Finance to really perform its primary functions which is quite simply, to be the primary source of income for the committees that depend on Finance and for Ecosoc in general. With Band in Demand 4 last semester, I think I should have voiced out my apprehensions about the event more. This semester, I saw Foodgasm as a way to atone for Band in Demand that I somewhat lost track that the committees already needed money at the start of the semester. Even though Foodgasm was profitable, other committees and Ecosoc as a whole struggled to get money especially at the start since we were so focused on Foodgasm which was still towards the end of the semester. In short, I feel that my biggest mistake was that I saw Finance primarily as a committee that makes events rather than a committee that helps the org function to the fullest
of its capabilities. As hopefully the next chair, I really want to atone for my mistakes and help Finance to be the best it can possibly be for Ecosoc.

5. I really believe I understand, value, and love what Finance does. I see Finance not simply as a profit generating committee but a committee that enables the org pursues all of its projects and objectives. I also understand that the inability of Finance to really centralize the fundraising is an issue that is valid not only for Finance but for Ecosoc as a whole, that we are not able to pursue all of our objectives because of a lack of funds. I also see quite clearly that committees are not able to perform their functions to the best of their abilities because of our monetary problems and the lack of money is really dividing the committees by forcing them to compete for profits by having their own fundraisers. Not only do I understand what Finance does, I am also passionate and love what Finance does, I am ready and willing to confront the current issues that Finance and Ecosoc needs to address. I believe and I am starting to really deeply understand Ecosoc and I want Finance to be able to do its function to the fullest of its capabilities to help Ecosoc be the best it can possibly be.

6.As stated earlier, I believe know the issues that really need to be addressed and I’m not afraid to voice them out and start the process of addressing these issues. For Finance, I know that my committee was unable to provide enough funds for the committees and for Ecosoc especially at the start of the semesters. As a Vice-Chair and a part of Finance for the past three semesters, I also know that the responsibility of providing funds is not only on the shoulders of the Fin Chair but also partly on my shoulders and on the rest of the committee. The lack of centralized fundraising is not just an issue relevant for Finance but for Ecosoc as well. I’ve really seen that the various committees and Ecosoc in general have not been able to pursue all its projects and activities because of a lack of funds that are really supposed to come from Finance. As a member of the Finance Committee and a member of this organization, I also realize that to hold our members accountable to pay their re-aff fees and AR, Finance itself has to be more accountable to provide majority of the funds for the committees (centralized fundraising) and to lessen the organization’s reliance on the members to generate funds.

In short, my biggest contribution is that I’m not afraid and I am willing and passionate to start the process of really addressing the current issues of Finance and Ecosoc in general. I’m confident that with hard work and dedication, I can really help Finance improve and be the best it can possibly be for Ecosoc.

Geli Medida

1. I think one of their biggest faults was touching the ESSF. More than once. By doing that, they opened the doors and made it seem acceptable to borrow money from a fund that is supposed to be supporting our scholars. Not only was that allocation lessened, but I think it also made the committees lax in creating events and fundraisers that had better quality. Right now, around 3 committees are indebted to the ESSF to the point that it’s starting to seem like a last resort for borrowing. Their greatest achievement was their persevering through a really bad first term and making a comeback with their second term. It’s no surprise that in their first term, the organization incurred a lot of losses, events that weren’t well planned and low quality were pushed through and the over-all morale of the members was done. But the difference they made with their second term, for me, is considerable. They introduced new events that can be sustained in the future like StartUP, LIV, Foodgasm. I think they were also successful in invigorating the EcoSoc spirit in its members.

2. I think that EcoSoc is relevant in the sense that we try to provide events that promote social and academic awareness like our CDC’s, Acad Symposiums, NES and NYC and by the fact that we’re supporting scholars of our own. But I also consider our being well-rounded in our interests and events as being relevant to the UP Community and society. We’re not just a one-sided organization, we actually provide something for nearly everybody.

3. At first I was going to give myself a 5. But then I thought, “Hey, I think I’ve improved and become more active a lot since I first joined EcoSoc. I’ve become more involved with the org and its activities, even led a team to a successful 54th Anniversary Month. I’m more participative in the events of my committee. I think I deserve one level up. Maybe a 6” Of course, I realize that there’s still a lot of room for my improvement and a lot of things I can offer to the organization. Especially if given the chance…

4. I think my biggest Ecosoc-related mistake was not being active from the start and not capitalizing on the opportunities that presented itself. I’ve always known that I had it in me to lead, I just never acted on that gut feeling. I think what always stopped me was fear and (yikes!) a feeling of unworthiness. That I wasn’t ready yet and that there were other people who were more deserving. I realized late in the game that I could do the job as well as the other kids could, maybe even better.

5. What I have over my competitors is a more extensive knowledge and experience in selling, marketing, income generation, handling money directly, raising money directly. It may be simple enough but these are the things that I think are crucial in a Finance Chairperson.

6. Commitment strengthened by that fact that my genuinely belief that this organization has a lot of potential, that this organization changes lives and that this organization has a lot of things to offer still and the fact that whenever I get attached to a project I care deeply about, I make sure that my baby gets the success it deserves.

Shelly Umali

1. One fault could be the lack of preparation in organizing the different projects and events of the organization. I think the execom’s greatest achievement was staying positive and bringing back the organization’s vigor amidst the losses incurred during their first term.

2. I think Ecosoc is relevant to the UP community and to society. Its impact could been seen through the different services, projects, and events such as UPFront, NES, NYC, etc. Ecosoc also sends four scholars to school and helps out communities (Pook Ricarte).

3. I would rate myself a 8.5. Even when I was still an app, I was already bibbo. When I became a member, I was never inactive. I was active both in my home committee and in Taskforce (I was a Taskforce intern when I was an app and a Taskforce member ever since I became a member of the organization).

4. I did not bother to push through with the Brand Sale for this semester.

5. My USP is my experience in the numerous fields of events management. I became a Sales officer for Chrome (I had also ER experience since we contacted partner organizations; I was also an Externals App), Logistics Officer for Musikapella 2011 and Logistics Director for last semester’s Sproj, Marketing under Jess Bodo last semester, currently the Pub Head for Foodgasm and Creatives Officer for Musikapella 2012.

6. I think my GPOA (Transparency, Efficiency, and Stability) reflects what I plan to contribute to the organization. However, I want to emphasize Transparency since most of our members are unaware of the whereabouts of the funds of Ecosoc. I hope that by being more transparent, our members will be more aware of current state of the organization and hopefully be more motivated to help out the organization and give back to the community.

Arsenio Lukban

1. I can say that LIV was awesome! More importantly, the fact that Execom never gave up even if huge problems arose. Their biggest fault maybe is the lack of sternness that a leader should have both on him/her and the members

2. Currently , I believe it’s less than what it could potentially be. Hopefully, when we do get more united we will make more of an impact to the community and to the society.

3. I rate myself an eight out of ten because I have been very active in EcoSoc 5 out of 6 sems during my stay here. And throughout those sems I have continuously strived for the best for this organization.

4. “Giving up” my hopes for a better Ecosoc late last sem and early this sem is the mistake I could think of. That’s the reason why I’m running though. I really believe I can unite Ecosoc and change it for the better.

5. I am innovative. I can weld. I can invent things that may specifically cater to our needs.
More than that, I have an SPOA (specific plan of action) that ensures, when voted, the completion of 90 present of my GPOA. The other ten present is allowance for changes and member involvement.

6. It would be the sustainable way of cleaning the tambayan and the structure of the Pubarm. With these, it will make Ecosoc more united giving it a strong foundation for future endeavours.

Yasmin Sehob

1. I think that the current Execom’s greatest fault was that it had to commit mistakes for its greatest achievement to happen – redemption.

2. I believe that our organization is very relevant to the UP community and to society. We raise social awareness through holding events such as UPFRONT, NYC, and NES, we become aware ourselves through holding socially relevant events, immerging ourselves in unprivileged communities, helping these communities and certain individuals, shaping our lives through changing others’ lives.

3. I would probably give myself an 8. I haven’t really done my fullest to be an active and useful Ecosocer. Although I have been a vice chairperson for my whole stay, have been an applicant’s guardian, have worked for Task Force, have contributed to other committees, have attended more than the required number of CDCs, have tambay-ed often, have supported events as much as I can, etc., I feel like there is a lot more that I can offer and contribute to this organization.

4. My biggest Ecosoc-related mistake would be letting the chance pass of leading this organization. Out of fear of failure, I felt like I needed more time and experience to learn and grow and I didn’t find a way to speed up that process. But the wait was worth it.

5. I am an artist. And to be an artist requires not just talent, but also patience, discipline, perseverance, love, passion, all the qualities that may also be necessary in being a good leader.

6. My biggest contribution to this organization, once elected, will be a fostered membership. The members are the backbone of this organization, of any organization. Without them, the organization will be unstable and will not function well.

Bea Bayudan

1. The present execom started out, admittedly, on a rocky path. Because the second semester is so short, there’s a greater pressure on the execom to execute the events and keep the momentum of the first semester not only in terms of events, but also in the general management of the organization. I think the mistake here was that too many risks were taken, and some of them were unavoidably consequential.

Perhaps their greatest achievement, collectively, is acknowledging their fault and learning from that. This sem has been filled with power events so far and while they may not be perfect, they’ve been excellent. In addition, the execom has been more hands on — they’ve been more involved in all aspects, literally. There were so many rumors flying around last semester, doubting the effectivity of this execom, but again, they’ve turned all this negativity around and made something really positive.

2. The world does function better with Ecosoc, I believe. It’s hard to fully realize one’s relevance when you’re part of it and therefore offer a biased view, and it’s humbling to find out people who’ve been part of it – like alumni and former scholars – who speak so fondly of Ecosoc. If any student organization would make economics more known to the rest of the UP community, it would be Ecosoc. Even as our membership is limited to econ students, we do have a diverse population and our reach is quite wide.

As for the rest of society, which is a huge population — I do think that we may not be as known or as influential now, but we do things that effect real change.

3. 8 – as an applicant, I wasn’t the type to tambay a lot and stay super late to attend events like some of my co-apps were, but I did work very hard for what I did because I liked it. The people were fun, and the work was fulfilling. Fortunately, it has remained that way throughout my whole stay. I make it a point to be active and provide input in the committees i belong in.

4. I’m not too active outside my committees, and attend events, etc. I do have a tendency to rush things which have sometimes resulted in subpar output, admittedly, like with some of the articles I’ve submitted, and emails I’ve sent.

5. Two Bs, A+ service!

6. If we’re talking about events, it would be primarily Musikapella. I’ve been part of Musikapella since I was an applicant. I did part of the external relations work by inviting my alma mater to join, and on the day itself, I served as a volunteer, specifically as a photographer. I was honestly amazed at how college students pulled off such a big event, involving so many people of all kinds: students, teachers, administrators, firms, and the like. It’s way beyond what you would expect of a college student, really, and I wanted to do something so significant on such a large scale as well. I saw how the team worked so hard and with so much heart. I’ve always wanted to make a difference, and right now, I think I’ve found how to do that in Musikapella.
More than the event, of course, I’d like my biggest contribution to be that I served the organization with all heart.

GJ Agregado

1. Their biggest achievement was their 2nd sem. NYC was bigger and better than ever before. NES garnered more attendees than the year prior. Finance made profit in a successful new event. Musikapella continues to grow even bigger with its new venue in Aliw Theater. Overall, their achievement was in improving the brand name of Ecosoc and by giving it more credibility to our target audiences. They were able to recover from the previous semesters shortcomings.

Their fault however was in overlooking the problem of a declining membership morale in their 1st semester. Perhaps it was because of their focus in improving the overall image for our brand. It was too much focused on what we do externally that they missed out on the internal problems of the org. I’m glad however that they changed their focus come their 2nd sem, with their successful events as proof of their success.

2. Ecosoc gives one of the biggest opportunities for any econ individual to hone his skills in various ways. Be it in the creatives, the academics, the finance or even the sports, there is a place for everyone in the org. In our 54 years, we’ve found ways to give back to UP and more so to our society, our events being a tangible proof of such. But I believe we could do much more. We can widen our reach and answer to the more dire needs of society. Yes we are relevant, but we have a long way to go into becoming the best org in this university.

3. 9. In my time in the org, I gave Ecosoc more commitment than I’ve ever given before. I applied as the photo-editor for Echoes where I was tasked to cover the photos of our events and for the issues and articles we would tackle. It was here that I learned about the culture of Ecosoc, the tough internal issues that our org was going through, and most importantly the problems that our members were going through. We asked the difficult questions and tried to find the answers. I’m glad to have been part of a committee that flourished this semester and which helped bring the members closer together.

I also thought that I could do more, so I applied as Assistant Director for Publicity in Ad Hoc. It was here that I was pushed to my limit. We thought of creative ways to publicize our events and went so much to the point of putting importance to the smallest of details. Color palettes, video concepts, poster ideas were all taken into deep consideration. I take most pride in helping build the Station ID video for Ecosoc. We didn’t just jump into the task and shot whatever looked good. We discussed for weeks as to why Ecosoc, in everything that we do, was so great. We thought how we could best represent Ecosoc to anyone in the outside. We planned every scene to the detail, all pertaining to the relevance of Ecosoc both to the members and to society. It was here that I found pride in our org and in everything that we do. It was here that I found the relevance of this org to its members, that we truly build people who build people.

4. Not applying any earlier. I didn’t apply in my first year because I decided to join AIESEC where I was much involved in their activities. I didn’t apply in my 2nd year 1st sem because I had to focus on my majors. This changed come the 2nd semester where I decided to join the org. Since then, I was pushed to the limit as applicant head, as an Echoes member, and as an AD for Ad Hoc.

However, I don’t see this as a crucial mistake in my part. In AIESEC, I picked up a culture of professionalism and I saw how structures work very efficiently. In my 2nd year 1st sem, I learned discipline and hard work in my studies so as to establish a good academic standing. It was all these things that I learned from the outside that I brought with me when I joined Ecosoc. I observed how structures from other orgs can work in ours. I picked up traits from the outside which push me to do my Ecosoc work even better. I’ve seen the org from both the outside and the inside, and I continue to ask questions as to how we can continue to better the org. What’s important is that I’ve committed myself to the org now more than ever, and I’m willing to commit even more to help build our members.

5. My USP would have to be the fact that I stepped up. Despite my age and my experience in the org, which I’ve all taken into deep consideration before running, I am willing to take the responsibilities of leading the org despite the many difficulties that I know it entails. My having no competition for the seat of presidency is not and should never be a sole reason for my election. The initiative, the courage and my passion for Ecosoc to reach its full potential is what makes me unique and which will push me to do my best as President. I hope you can see that too.

6.To never doubt ourselves again. Our legacy as an Execomm should be in the members that we build. In the excellence of our events, in our spirit of service, all built on tradition that further excels our members, I would like that our biggest contribution be in giving members a reason to find undying pride in the org.


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