General Plan of Action


    • Assist the President in whatever undertaking assigned, and perform other tasks assigned by the Executive Committee

Task Force Chairperson

Task Force Committee

      • Revitalize screening and application for directors and officers who are committed and responsible to execute the Economics Society Scholarship Fund’s semestral fundraiser
      • Make the screening process a multi-level process to expose applicants to the work required
      • Hold a training and turnover program for the would-be directors, to be conducted by select leaders and past directors
      • Strengthen the Task Force Committee’s presence in Ecosoc through regular updates via announcements during general meetings and social media
      • Improve internal bonding of the Task Force committee, through regular department meetings with the chairperson and co-chairperson, general assemblies and special activities

Integration of Ecosoc Scholars

      • Initiate a tie-up with the CDC Committee for a regular day out with the scholars
      • Introduce a committee activity that will involve our scholars
      • Grant our college scholar/s honorary membership status, with certain provisions regarding their membership
      • Invite scholars to forums, symposia, and other events that we hold

Team Party

      • Create a party that is innovative and inclusive, to attract a bigger audience
      • Intensify marketing and media deals for greater event promotion and minimization of costs
      • Revolutionize party scene by conceptualizing a striking theme

Team Special Project

      • Create several profitable, memorable and medium-to-large scale events that will attract at least 2000 participants with at least P200,000 profit
      • Broaden market by conceptualizing an event that will be open to all kinds of people, i.e. a one-day weekend bazaar, a design competition
      • Bring back small-scale and sustainable fundraisers like newspaper drives and rummage sales to steer away from internal and capital-heavy fundraisers
      • Build up the online store Pintas, add products, and promote the store with regular updates
      • Launch a semi-regular, medium-scale activity to serve as a profitable yet service-oriented event, such as book drives

Christmas Carolling

      • Release invitations as early as possible, and utilize Ecosoc and UPSE alumni databases
      • Forge a partnership with an organization from the College of Music to hold a boot camp for the Ecosoc choir
      • Join university-wide competitions to motivate the Ecosoc choir members
      • Find corporate and non-government organizations as partners and audience for the event
      • Implement a stricter schedule to ensure safety and security of members


    • Broaden Musikapella’s audience by an intensified publicity campaign and partnerships
    • Forge a more direct and clearer avenue of communication to high schools via alumni
    • Enhance Musikapella’s credibility through accreditation of the following organizations and government agencies: Department of Education, National Council for Culture and Sports, National Youth Commission, and Philippine Chorale Directors’ Association
    • Build up competitiveness of the event by inviting only the most prestigious high school choirs
    • Create a functional database of schools and sponsors to facilitate easier flow of event execution
    • Generate at least P250,000 profit, and reach at least 2000 attendees

Beatriz Raine “Bea” Bayudan

BS Economics
High School: St. Paul College Pasig
GWA: 1.75 – 2.0
Ecosoc Age: 4 semesters

Ecosoc Leadership Experience:

  • Task Force Director for School Relations (1st Sem AY ’12-’13)
  • Echoes Features Editor (1st Sem AY ’12-’13)
  • Echoes Associate Editor (2nd Sem AY ’11-’12)
  • Task Force Assistant Director for External Relations (1st Sem AY ’11-’12)
  • Echoes News Editor (1st Sem AY ’11-’12)
  • Echoes Photos Editor (2nd Sem AY ’10-’11)

Other Experiences/Affiliations:

  • Marshal Assistant, School of Economics Registration Volunteer Corps
  • Junior Officer, Junior Philippine Economics Society
  • Externals Staff, UP Career Assistance Program

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