The Literary Portfolio or Litfolio is an annual compilation of literary works from Ecosoc contributors. There are no pre-requisites for submissions. You are free to send any piece of literature – a poem, short story, song or even an artwork.

The Litfolio is a great opportunity for you to express your feelings if you are unable to under normal circumstances. Don’t miss this chance. It could be your last.

Email your piece to Don’t forget to identify yourself. If you do not wish your name to be published as the author, indicate that in your email.

Entries will be published in this year’s Literary Portfolio, which will be released during the Literary Night on February 17. The cut-off for entries is at 11:59pm on February 15.

Take this as your only chance to express what had remained unspoken! See you on February 17!


Disclaimer: Works must not contain profanity, libel or any other malicious content. Unless the author justifies the inclusion of such to preserve the literary integrity of the piece, they will be removed by Echoes. In cases when full publication is allowed, the author assumes full responsibility of his work’s contents.


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